Icons: 265 Free Facebook Icons

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Facebook icons are in hot demand.  Let’s face it, Facebook is huge and growing every day.  The demand for eye catching FB icons grows day to day. Most people go to Google or Flickr to pick up and icon.  The problem is that

SEO: Web Developer Cheat Sheet for 2014

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SEO is always a subject of debate. Regardless, search engine optimization is a must for all web developers. While there is a lot of controversy in the off-page optimization, website developers can follow some very important SEO code and best practices to make sure their products have proper in-page SEO. MOZ has developed and distributes [&hellip

How to Make a favicon With Gimp the Simple Way

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Making a favicon can be a real challenge if you have no direction.  But with just a few simple steps, you can have a great favicon that brands your page and makes it easy to spot your site amongst a gallery of open tabs in someone’s browser. Favicons are typically 16 pixels by 16 pixels, [&hellip

Logo Design for Social Media Platforms

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Designing Logos for Social Media Platforms Logo Designs have long been a major piece of the online branding puzzle.  However, there is one factor that many logo designers are still forgetting to take into consideration.  This is the importance of making the logo work for Social Media Platforms. Every social media platform has it’s own [&hellip

How iPad POS Systems are Taking Over the Restaurant

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How iPad POS Systems are Taking Over the Restaurant Industry In the last few years, there has been a steady rise in iPad sales. Part of this is due to the increasing popularity of touchscreen devices to do everything from reading books and playing games to downloading your favorite recipes. Another reason for the increase [&hellip

Professional Design Agencies Are Creating Their Clients Websites With Webydo, See Why


In the world of creative business it is more important than ever before for professional design agencies to have a strong design platform to create and manage their client’s websites. It is important for a design agency to change with the times and adopt new ideas and approach the market with the most cutting edge [&hellip

Stop Losing Profits Because of a Poor Shopping Cart

Web Design

Business owners put a lot of focus on the look and user-friendliness of their website. Having these things in place allows a business to not only attract customers, but also retain them. Something that is being explored more and more by many business owners is how the shopping cart they have on their website has [&hellip

7 Items of POS Equipment Retailers Can’t Do Without

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Kerr-ching! Remember that sound? Some of us do anyhow. It was the war cry of the ubiquitous cash register, sadly lamented POS equipment of the past. High street stores of today are more likely to be filled with the sound of chart music, or are eerily quiet apart from some muted beeps and the whoosh [&hellip

Responsive Premium Magento Themes

Open Source

Many eCommerce owners opt away from Magento due to it’s challenge in customization. Open Source allows Magento to be distributed for free. However not so many people can take that open source file and turn it into the beautiful store they were looking for. They find themselves spending 30 hours or more just to set [&hellip

Think Mobile, Act Local


Mobile website design isn’t just for multi-billion dollar corporations or even small businesses with shops popping up all over the state. Even having a five-employee mom and pop shop means that you will soon have to depend on a mobile site to bring customers in. Customers Are Searching for You The news that may be [&hellip

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