The Three Deadly Sins of eCommerce Site Images

Web Design, WordPress

Ask any specialist in the field and they will tell you one thing: eCommerce is all about design when it comes to conversions. A snappy, well-engineered site greatly increases the chance of converting a visitor into a consumer. Likewise, a poorly designed online shop will deter clients. Images are one of the key areas that [&hellip

Creating Short Amazon Links


Ever wondered how to create nice short compact Amazon links, without having to “rebrand” the URL to a different domain link shortener, like,, or  Well, it’s a little known fact that Amazon actually has their own url short link service!  It still speaks “Amazon” to the readers and doesn’t cause them to [&hellip

Top 10 Web Design Tips

Web Design

There are so many suggestions out there on how to design a website, you could get lost trying to make sure you have captured the most important aspects.  Forbes has done a great job pulling together a list of the top web design tips.  These tips are NOT tips for 2014 only.  They are lifetime [&hellip

3 Tips for Designing your Website For Each and Every Customer

Web Design

Every one of your customers have different motives, different devices used to connect, different locations and different time constraints. Now, technology allows marketers to gather individualized information about what a visitor is searching for and make their visit  a higher conversion visit! Here are Three tips from that are worth implementing:   1. Visitor [&hellip

Video: Web Designers Workflow

Web Design

Website design workflow has changed significantly over time. Css-tricks has published this up-to-date workflow video that you will enjoy

Icons: 265 Free Facebook Icons

Freebies, ICONS

Facebook icons are in hot demand.  Let’s face it, Facebook is huge and growing every day.  The demand for eye catching FB icons grows day to day. Most people go to Google or Flickr to pick up and icon.  The problem is that

SEO: Web Developer Cheat Sheet for 2014

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SEO is always a subject of debate. Regardless, search engine optimization is a must for all web developers. While there is a lot of controversy in the off-page optimization, website developers can follow some very important SEO code and best practices to make sure their products have proper in-page SEO. MOZ has developed and distributes [&hellip

How to Make a favicon With Gimp the Simple Way

Gimp, Graphic Design, ICONS, Open Source, Web Design

Making a favicon can be a real challenge if you have no direction.  But with just a few simple steps, you can have a great favicon that brands your page and makes it easy to spot your site amongst a gallery of open tabs in someone’s browser. Favicons are typically 16 pixels by 16 pixels, [&hellip

Logo Design for Social Media Platforms

Open Source

Designing Logos for Social Media Platforms Logo Designs have long been a major piece of the online branding puzzle.  However, there is one factor that many logo designers are still forgetting to take into consideration.  This is the importance of making the logo work for Social Media Platforms. Every social media platform has it’s own [&hellip

How iPad POS Systems are Taking Over the Restaurant

iPad3 Apps

How iPad POS Systems are Taking Over the Restaurant Industry In the last few years, there has been a steady rise in iPad sales. Part of this is due to the increasing popularity of touchscreen devices to do everything from reading books and playing games to downloading your favorite recipes. Another reason for the increase [&hellip

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