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The time when WordPress was used severely as a blog podium is long gone. WordPress has evolved into a mature CMS that gives designers and developers the right tools to create astonishing non-blog websites for their clients. As proof for that stand these 10  websites by WordPress.

1. FernWoodCoffee.com

The characters are an eclectic west coast mix
Artists to urban farmers, entrepreneurs to environmentalists and businessmen to fishermen. They are our neighbors, patrons, and friends. They have inspired us to roast a great cup of coffee that unites our love of all things culinary with our belief that a business can be successful AND sustainable.


2. Herout-Caves.com

Installée dans le Cotentin depuis plusieurs générations, la famille Hérout a construit à Auvers une propriété constituée de vergers traditionnels de pommes à cidre dont les variétés sélectionnées portent les noms de Clos Renaux, Cartigny, Binet Blanc, Feuillard, ou encore Petit Amer ou Rouge de Cantepie…


3. SearchInsideVideo.com



4. Discounted.ro

Discounted.ro este un proiect online in domeniul comertului cu imbracaminte, incaltaminte si accesorii. Practic, ne propunem ca prin intermediul site-ului Discounted.ro sa prezentam vizitatorilor cele mai importante promotii si reduceri din magazinele de profil.

Target-ul proiectului Discounted.ro este ca in decurs de cateva luni de la lansare sa colaboreze cu majoritatea magazinelor de profil din Bucuresti, atat din centrele comerciale cat si din afara acestora. De asemenea, ne propunem sa devenim principalul instrument de informare a cumparatorilor interesati de promotii si reduceri la magazinele vizate.


5. Healogix.com

our purpose.
Not all decisions are equally important. Neither are your information needs. There are times when you need information—plus real experience, real insight, and pragmatic solutions that will withstand the scrutiny of the most senior pharma and biotech executives. That’s when you need Healogix.


6. Emploi-Manche.fr

Un des départements de la Normandie, un territoire de près de 350 km de côtes où la mer est omniprésente, allant de la pointe du Cotentin au Mont Saint Michel. Situé aux portes de la Grande Bretagne (2h30 de Londres), et à 3 heures de Paris, le département offre aussi la possibilité de rejoindre par bateaux, l’Irlande, l’Angleterre, les îles Anglo-Normandes (Jersey, Guernesey, Sercq, Aurigny…).


7. HotelParadiso.it


8. Typechart.com


9. P41Studios.com


10. EnrouteFilm.com

Lucky number three! Air Canada’s enRoute Film Festival is back for a third year featuring Canada’s freshest new film talent. We showcase short films from emerging Canadian filmmakers on Air Canada flights and honour the best of our fest at an Awards Gala in Toronto at the end of the year.

Visit our website regularly for updates on this year’s festival, including awards and prizes, jury announcement, and online film streaming.


11. chickspeak.com

Fragile, tender and as delicate as the first bloom in the middle of April.
Yet, passionate, full of all the fire in a single burning flame.
Constantly moving, growing, bleeding and hoping.
It will never be the same tomorrow as it is today, and it knows of the miles traveled yesterday. It forgives, it endures…and above


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  1. Anders blogger in websites, 27 April 2009

    Thank you for making a very informative website with a lot of good advices. I think a key point is to make potential customers aware of the fact that marketing by the Internet is one of the most profitable ways to sell products and services to day. To many the new technical world with Google as the big brother is difficult to comprehensive, but whether they like it or not, facts cannot be escaped. In order to convince them you need proof and the best to present is your own website. It must meet all the expectations you promise your clients and you know as well as I do that it is fairly easy to come up with dreams and wishful thinking but sooner or later reality will show its face. So the next questions pops up, do we/I have the qualifications needed to produce a profitable website or in case I do not have all, do I have a network to back me up? Today where the budgets are being cut it must be the state of art to deliver quality at an affordable price and I think it is a difficult game to play. A website today must be beneficial to all parties involved since references and link building plays a very important role. More than ever the highest degree of integrity and ethics is in demand.

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    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

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