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Twitter is rapidly becoming a hot mark for people and business of all kinds, as well as designers. Countless designers now have twitter accounts so they can network with other designers on twitter and encourage their work to a new spectators. What I establish interesting is, because of twitter a whole new position of design has been created and that is Twitter backgrounds.
Because of the text limitations of Twitter people have rapidly personalized and started using their Twitter backgrounds as a creative billboard. If designed correctly your Twitter background can comprise all sorts of important information about your business such as an extensive bio, logo, contact information and so on. Plus since you can change the background and other settings in your account you can keep your branding consistent.
Many designers are now offering twitter background design services and some designers are Specializing in it and doing great business. Check out some of these random cool twitter backgrounds underneath to see what people have been doing to make the most of their Twitter accounts! I was surprised at how many large accounts had default or hideous backgrounds, but I suspect more and more people will get tradition backgrounds in the near future.Creative Twitter backgrounds













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