35+ Extraordinary Fantasy Scenes Photoshop Tutorials

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I always stated that Photo Effects and Text Effects were the most well-liked Photoshop topics around. When I determined to create this list I contemplation that I’d have a hard time to find tutorials with a realistic quality.

Well, that was not the case. In my way I found Inexplicable woods inhabited with magical fairies, dragons and legendary creatures flying on fantasy night skies, magic crystal balls, hats and other objects hidden in strange houses. Making it short, an huge amount of creative scenes that filled my sanity and made my work not only easier, but enjoyable too!

Create a Green Planet


Galaxy Angel

The new lesson we’ll see how to renovate the skin of a model, reproduce the make-up, draw the tattoos, symbolize the hair out of the smoke, use different textures, signify the clouds and insert the wings on the picture, enlarge the background the model is located on, not cutting it out and create the effect of an old picture, at least on its edges.


Create an Out of Bounds Fantasy Illustration

Here is another illustration I have worked on with Toma Alin Gabriel. Worked on this part with a lot of images and I would also like to thank the photographers for giving us authorization to use their stuff. In this tutorial, we will take you through the procedure of creating a fantasy scene, make water pour out of a painting, make some sort of a amalgamation effect and end up with a really nice looking color. The main idea behind this strange illustration is that we are actually in a painting and the painting on the wall is the real world, the world where our predator tries to escape.


Creating a Fantasy Scene


Combine Photo Elements to Create a Surreal Scene

This Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to use a diversity of color, lighting, and cut and paste techniques to create a strange photo treatment. Combine your creativity with these Photoshop techniques to create your own photo treatment artworks.


Creating a Forest Magical Scene


Create a Fantasy Illustration in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a fantasy mosaic in Photoshop using some stock images and brushes. The tutorial is simple but the final image looks amazing


Dark Surreal Illustration in Photoshop

First of all, I would like to thank Toma Alin Gabriel for collaborating with me in creating this magnificent piece. In this tutorial we are going to create a dark strange illustration using a few techniques and a handful of images. In the end, we will apply modish color settings and give the illustration that extra polish it needs to give it that finished look.


Creating a Touching Story Scene in Photoshop


Surreal Landscape Photo Manipulation

In this tutorial,I`ll show you how to create your unique wallpapers using photo manipulation. Using some images you’ll learn how to blend in different landscapes creating a surreal effect.


Create a Magical Golden Winged Boot


Create a Fantasy Animal Photo Montage


Create an Unreal Underwater Scene in Photoshop


How to Create a Sparkling Photo Manipulation

In this tutorial, we’re going to create a photo treatment using dissimilar techniques. We’ll be adjusting each layer and element to make a compact final image. We’ll be using multiple photos and a handful of effects to create this work. Let’s get started!


Stunning Dragons Attack With 3D Features


Combine 3D Renders With Stock Photos


Fantasy Night Sky


Surreal Scene With Twisting Water


Fable of the Night Matte Painting


Surreal Orange Sky Scene


Create a Fantasy Tree


Reflective Bubbles


Create a Smoke Fading Effect


The Magic Night


The White Tree


Create a Feathered Crow Illustration


Surreal Floating Eiffel Tower Scene


Magic Top Hat Stick Tutorial


Create a Magic Crystal Ball


Magic Crystal Ball


Create an Underwater Room Scene


Create a Robotic Angel


How to Draw an Electronic Angel


Predators of Heaven Photo Montage


Digitally Paint a Fantasy Tree Scene


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