Web Designing for Small Businesses, Things to Avoid

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Web Designing for Small Businesses, Things to Avoid
When it comes to running a small business, one has to be really careful with the budget. If you want to make web presence stronger for your small business, you will have to invest some money but make sure that you are investing it in the right way. The main purpose of your website is to reach out to audience and make them aware of your business and after investing a lot of money you would never want less traffic and no improvement in business.

A lot of people focus on key points of making a website better. Instead of working so hard, one should learn about a few major blunders they should avoid while designing a website for a small business. Once you have a great web design, a similar look can be used for poster printing layouts for that same client.

Following are the five major blunders that one needs to avoid in order to have a strong web presence:

Avoid Making a Congested Website

Avoid Making a Congested Website

Yes, we all think that animations, flashy videos can make your website look pretty. These things can really add up to a good design. However, the disadvantage of such websites is that animations and flashy videos will take a lot of time to load. As an internet user, I can say this on behalf of every internet user that we do not like to sit idle and wait for the website to load so that we can find our desired content.

Also, too much of useless content on website can actually annoy the visitor. As it has been said many times, keeping things simple is the best thing to do. There is nothing wrong in wanting to have a beautiful layout but make sure that you do not add too much of widgets on your websites. Not only it will slow down your website but they will also distract the user from finding the desired content on your website. The content of the website should be cleanly displayed. A blunder occurs if a designer puts in everything to make the website look perfect. Perfection lies in simplicity so design the website keeping in mind your business and avoid too much of designing.

Easy Navigation Is the Most Important Thing

Easy Navigation Is the Most Important Thing

A visitor is visiting your website because he considers it to be the actual representation of your business. Make a friendly user website and the navigation should be simple and understandable. Do not design a website which is hard to understand and consumes a lot of time of the visitor in finding the desired content. As mentioned earlier, internet user these days are very impatient and if understanding your website would require too much of time, they will probably move on to the next website.

You will have a satisfied visitor if you are not making your visitors go round in circles. The tabs, menu and every other important thing should be place perfectly. Easy usage and a friendly website are they key to a successful website. Every tab on your website should be self explanatory. Also, your home page should not contain too much of information to confuse the user. The most basic and important information should be available on the main page and with the help of easy and understandable easy navigation; a visitor can reach to the content he was looking for.

There Should Be No Room for Spelling and Grammatical Errors

There Should Be No Room for Spelling and Grammatical Errors

The internet slang language has become very famous but it is only suitable for a casual conversation. People would still prefer to see a professional writing on websites. If I get to see and spelling, grammatical mistakes on a website, I tend to doubt the credibility of that website. Same goes for your website. Design, navigation are important factors but if your website contains any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, it will be very bad for your business’s reputation. On seeing a mistake like this, the first thought in the visitor’s mind would be how careless you are with your website and they won’t even trust you with your products.

Before going live with any sort of content make sure you proofread everything and double check each and every word. I would say that there is no room for even a typo error so be very careful when it comes to the content because content is the strongest point of any website and if a visitor detects issues there, he will leave your website and might not visit it again.

Leaving Some White Space on Your Page Is a Must

Leaving Some White Space on Your Page Is a Must

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to fill every corner of your website. Leaving some white space is always healthy for the entire layout of your website.  This white space can prove to be really good for the design of your website. Remember, if you will fill every corner of your website, you will be distracting your users constantly. A white space is necessary to distinguish the content from the images and other items on your page.

This white space will give a very calm effect to your website. People would want to stay on your website and read the content with the plain background and healthy spacing. A congested website can be really annoying if you do not leave room for even a dot. Remember, these small changes can make a big difference to your website so do not leave any room for such small blunders as they can really have a bad impact on your small business and I am sure you would not want to destroy your reputation at any cost.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

There is no point of making a website if you cannot reach out to the target audience. You need to keep search engine optimization in mind while designing a website as it can be a great web strategy. Spending some time on coming up with a SEO strategy while deigning your website, can prove to be really beneficial for you and your business.

Allow your target audience to be able to find you and for this you need to have a good SEO strategy. Now, this does not mean that you should go over board with the usage of keywords. You need to analyze and differentiate the most important keywords and they should be used in the quality content and the usage should make sense. Do not use the keywords just for the sake of it. A proper search engine optimization strategy will increase your visibility and being visible is the most important thing in order to develop a strong presence in the web world.


There was a time when small businesses used to take promotional support from flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters and other marketing collateral etc. which cased much trouble in terms of printing and distribution. Since Internet has become a part of our daily lives, it can have positive and negative effects on our lives and business depending on our usage. If you really want your website to work wonders for your small business, you need to keep in mind the above mentioned things and avoid any big blunders associated with them. All you need to do is work a little hard on basics while designing a website instead of putting all effort into making a beautiful website which won’t even function properly. A proper layout, easy navigation, no grammatical or spelling errors can really help you in developing a good reputation in web world.

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  1. Damian, 16 September 2011

    Agreed simplicity is the key. Less is more which is often difficult with clients in the small business to medium game as they have little to no understanding of how the potential of the web and have little faith in these “internet types” as to them we have nothing tangible for them after their purchase. To get the design, development and ongoing SEO of a site right you need to employ the skills of the right people…..it’s what we do. But there is a lot if BS to wade through to find the right people/company and unfortunately people are still getting burned all the time.

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  3. Morgan & Me Creative Web Design, 11 October 2011

    I agree with most of the comments here, especially the use of white space and no to spelling error and grammatical mistakes. First impressions like these count and really make a difference!

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