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It’s a general desire of every normal person that he always have a dream for pleasant present and better future and no doubt it’s a good thought, we should always have dream for betterment. If you are a designer then you have to do something more special because it’s a field of creativity and you always try to do something more extraordinary than before, and it’s also a field of your brain power because during the creation period of design you have to do lots of brain storming and on HTML, CSS you have no need to any another thought. There are many more examples in our daily routine life where a person tries to create his name in his field for example if we talk about a graphic designing company who presents its services in the field of printing, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets, rack cards, calendars to make its good fame. So, as a web page designer you always of try to do as good as your boss want to see in your work and if you are running a design agency then you have to work hard some more. Make sure your relationships with vendors like printing services providers and web hosting companies are strong.

Designing isn’t the everybody’s cup of tea because it’s a field of imagination and brain storming and likewise if you are running a design agency it’s moreover a hard job. We can say that there comes a position in the occupation of several Web Designers where the logical development in that career is to take on a management position. And in this article, I will contribute to a few of the lessons I have learned over these earlier period few years and these are not earth shattering facts and various of these lessons are rational. Although these are the lessons that helped me by the side of the way, and that I found myself needing to be reminded of most frequently, as I moved from team member to team leader. Below are some general ideas from my life which can prove functional for you as a team lead…

Your First Duty

first step of designer and developer

As a team lead you have lots of responsibility at your shoulders because you have to manage your team in a good manners and using your brain you have to divide you all the projects among designers and developers in a superior way. And always connected with all your designers and developers in relation to your project and always take care of timeline in simple words we can say that as a team lead you should always get the updates from other designers. In short we can say that you have to “leading by leading” it’s a sentence of three words but it has a deep lesson in it. Always trust on your sub-ordinates because if you’ll develop the trust in between your sub-ordinates, designers you’ll get amazing outcomes and in this way you will build your entire team stronger and free yourself capable of do the other significant work that is part of your new position as a director or a team lead.

Always have Good Thoughts

Always have Good Thoughts

As a team lead of design agency you should always think good and keep no place for negativity in your mind. Because your team will take their indications from you and if you are irritated and complaining, similarly they will also be irritated and complaining. If, though, you take a terrible situation and make the most excellent of it and keep an encouraging thoughts, that will go a long way to keeping the on the whole confidence of your team positive as well. When the complaints do come, don’t pay no attention to them, address them head on and diffuse the situation. Now, we can say that this isn’t to say that you won’t get irritated at times.

Be careful with Your Projects

Be careful with Your Projects

In your job what is the most important thing? Would you try to think about this? It’s in fact a good question, in your job your projects are the most important for which you get money. Be honest with your job because honesty is the best policy, if you are honest with your job similarly your sub-ordinates designers will also be careful with all the projects and timelines, and you will be component of all that initial pleasure and exchange of thoughts. We can say that this is a dreadfully exciting time in a project and it is not extraordinary to get out of a beginning meeting and want to do all the work yourself. Sorry to say, that is no longer your role just try to adopt it if you want to go high in your field and also try to create flexibility in your attitude because you are a team lead or a director of a designing company.

The Importance of Meetings

The Importance of Meetings

In every kind of your job career meetings have lots of importance because in this way you’re all the workers and designers and developers present their ideas. On a regular basis scheduled meetings can help maintain a team in sync, other than meetings for the sake of meeting can be boring. When I first took over the accountability of running meetings for our department, I tried a number of configurations. I tried different days of the week and different times of the day. I tried to do a number of short meetings all the way through the week versus simply one longer one at week’s end. I mixed it up as I tried to discover the right formula, although my meetings still gave the impression to be lacking something.

And keep in your mind that always discuss in your meetings that what’s the trends in the field of design and try to adopt these faculties. Learn something by the developed companies in your short meetings try to present your workers something interesting stuff for the reason that the employees never become turn off. It doesn’t mean that short meetings are important and you start your meetings at regular basis.

In the End

So, in the end we can say that leading a design agency is a hard job and don’t you worry now all the above points can prove more useful for your career. And one main point which I d like to share is don’t make any kind of professional decision at your own behalf always discuss with all the other your workers. And listen to what they have to say with an open mind and after this make your own decision; if you like my point of view please leave your comments below…

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