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It’s an era of internet and technology that now most of the businesses are going to be an online because they need to get the maximum achievements. Technology is also a source of survival for lots of people and now the people are also able enough to earn their bread in a good amount at their homes because now you can do an online job specially web is more supportive for the webpage designers, developers, programmers and content writer. Now the latest trend is to earn the online income in blogging we can say that blog is such a platform where we can share our personal experience with others. People like to have a blog and work on it at their home; it has also open lots of new ways to earn the bread for many departments for example designer, developers and programmers, content writers and many more. Almost all the bloggers are using open source to deliver the content on the blog and this regard WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are well-known. For example if a person is working for a blog he knows about to use WordPress he can easily deliver the content on his site but if any problem is existing in his blog then he need to a Developer or a designer who knows about the CSS. So, we can say that blogging also open ways for many other departments and in this regard lots of people are earning a good amount. Well thought out infographics can hold as much information as a booklet printing layout, but it’s in a form that’s easier and quicker to read.

If we are talking about graphic designer who is working in the field of printing, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets, rack cards, calendars. He also need to the professionals only one person is not able to handle in lots of departments at a time, if we are talking about blogging there are two main categories in blogging the 1st is a design blog and the 2nd is technology blog. There is lots of difference between the both types of blogs as we can understand about the name technology blogs, in this kind of blog we are talking about the latest trends about technology and about the news and reviews about technology. On the other hand if we’ll taking about design blogs there are lots of topics on these kinds of blogs especially for designers as mentioned in the name Design Blog. Designers can share their knowledge on these kinds of blogs we can also see many tutorials to create many designs like to create business card, to create broachers, and to create wallpapers so, these kinds of blogs known as design blogs.


Main Topics and Themes

Main Topics and Themes

If we talk about the topics about the tech blogs there are lots of topics and the main topic is Apple, Android and Gaming Consoles. For example in the recent times Apple has launched its new smartphone named that is iPhone 4S and officially Siri (voice control system) is also ported in this smartphone and and Apple is also going to launch its next-generation iPad the Apple’s well-known operating system is iOS and the current version of this operating system is iOS 5.0.1. If we are talking about Android it’s a well-known operating which is present in lots of smartphones, devices and tablets, for example it’s also running well in HTC devices, Samsung’s devices Motorola’s devices and many more. And same like that Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox are the well-known topics of the tech blogs and Nokia is also now a day’s hot topic for tech blogs because in the recent times Nokia has launched its new smartphones named Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. On the time, when Apple has launched its new iPhone 4S that was also the hot topic for the tech blogs and all the tech blogs present their posts on the subject matter.  On the other hand Design blogs have lots of topics on the design and they discuss on both graphics and web page designs. For example in the design blogs we can see the posts about the business cards, broachers, logos, if you are a graphic designer you can get lots of inspiration about to make a creative logo, business card, brochures. On the other hand there are also we can see the web pages examples and about the Typography and its importance for web pages.

So, every person has his own needs and specialties in this regard if you are know a lot about a design just imagine if you are a graphic designer or a web page designer you can run easily a design blog because you have lots of info about this field. On the other hand if you are interested in technology and you have lots of info about Apple, Android and gaming consoles or in other world famous technology field you can run a technology blog without of any trouble.

The Main Way To Manage a Blog

The Main Way To Manage a Blog

So, in the above we have seen the main difference and specialties of the both kinds of blogs, so just imagine if you are running a successful any kind blog weather it is technology or Design you have to face lots of things. In the both kinds of blogs if you are getting any kind of content from anywhere you have to give the credit whom where you are getting the content because in this field CopyRight is a great matter if you are getting stuff from anywhere and you never give him credit in the form of back link its means you are a thief. So, it’s a legal way to give the credit for example usually we are present news in the technology blogs and we give the credit in the form of back link from where we get that news. So, you can manage your blog by giving the credit if you are not the legally owner of that content. But there are also some black sheep in this field who always try to claim any blogger for content and it’s just a try to earn the meager sum of the money and it’s a cheap activity.

In the End

So, in the end we can say that blogging isn’t hard if you are a fully skilled person in any field like in technology and design. Because normally there are two kinds of blogs Technology blogs and design blogs and if you have read the above article complete you can easily make a decision that which kind of blog you’d like to manage easily. It’s a latest trend and WordPress is playing an important role in this field.

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