It’s Time to Sell Your Designs at Your Favorite Rates

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Wouldn’t life be perfect if a designer can sell his designs at his favorite rates and get away with it as well? Yes, it would be amazing but not every designer can charge his favorite rates. As a designer are you asking for your favorite rates and getting them as well? If yes, you are lucky and if not, what are you doing wrong is something you need to find an answer for. In this article we will be discussing how a designer can charge his favorite rates and present his rates in such a way that the client cannot say no to you. When you go to sell your designs, you may also want to print them. When you do, find a company offering Next Day turnaround printing to ensure your work gets taken care of quickly.

Reasons Why Client Will Accept Your Favorite Rates

Reasons Why Client Will Accept Your Favorite Rates

One thing that you should always keep in mind, that you need to charge your favorite rates at the right time. If you are a newbie or if you are struggling with making enough money to pay bills then you should wait for sometime before you start charging your favorite rates.

If you are a well established designer, you can ask for your favorite rates by just showing your business card. However, a client will say yes only when he believes that your work is worth all the money. Also, he should be able to afford your rates and a client will say yes only when he realizes that there is no room for bargaining.

Following are a few tips you can follow to charge your favorite rates and get away with it.

Because You’re Worth it

When a client comes to you, you need to show nothing but the best of your work. Do not make the mistake of telling that you are perfect at everything. You need to highlight a particular skill you are perfect at.  You need to present yourself like a movie teaser where producers show the best bits of the movie to attract the audience to the cinema. So, you should present an attractive teaser of yourself.

Explain how your skills will make their project the best

Explain how your skills will make their project the best

Clients might take a look at your previous work but they are more interested in knowing how your skills will help their project. Your degrees aren’t worth anything if you fail to provide your client with what he wants. He will only agree to pay your favorite rates if he is fully convinced that the amount will be worth the result. Tell clients what they really want to hear and you will get the desired rates and provide your client with the desired results.

Always remember, less is more

Always remember, less is more

As mentioned earlier, you need to showcase only your best. If you have a list of good projects, select the best among those projects and show it to the client. You do not have to show them each and every project of yours which you think is perfect. Your portfolio can include your other experiences but you do not have to get into details of every project. Including a lot of projects in your portfolio can backfire as well. Clients might find something they dislike and might not hire you for work. So instead of showing everything, showcase your best work.

Present yourself as worthy of those charges

Present yourself as worthy of those charges

If you are a freelancer, people will judge you by the kind of work you’ve been doing. If you have managed to grab some high profile projects, enlist them in your portfolio. Make sure you come across to client as someone who has done some great work and is worthy of those charges.

No bargaining

Always tell your potential clients that your previous clients have been paying you the same amount for the same kind of projects. This way they will realize that they are not the only ones who are paying you the stated rates. Sell yourself in an outstanding way.

Can Everyone Afford Your Favorite Rates?

There will be times that you will be able to convince a client just like that and there will be moments when nothing would be convincing a client to pay your favorite rates. You should analyze your clients too and make sure if they are able to afford your rates or not. In some cases, you might be able to convince the client about how great you are but it won’t work because they won’t be able to afford it. The following rules can definitely help you in analyzing your client whether he can or cannot afford:

Big companies

Anyone who is contacting you from some big brand or a renowned company will generally have no issues in paying you your favorite rates. Your favorite rates won’t be coming from that individual’s pocket so if you manage to convince him, you are good to go.

Small companies

Small companies might not be able to afford your favorite rates so you will have a hard time convincing them. But there is nothing wrong in trying.

A single entity

If an individual is contacting you, he might not be able to afford your favorite rates. They will only accept your rates if they will see that they can earn a lot more from your project.

Charging your favorite rates is fine but make sure you are spending your time on convincing the right kind of clients.

Clients might doubt your statements

Clients might doubt your statements

Even if you are a well reputed designer, some clients are bound to doubt your statements and might think that you are bluffing. In such cases, they will propose you lower rates because they will think that you will accept their offer in any case. Remember, if you are not confident enough while telling your rates, your client might get the fact that you are bluffing. Never ever show your client that you are open to negotiation.

You do not have to be insecure about the fact that if the client has tried negotiating and you have not lowered down your rates, they won’t contact you again. In any case, clients try to negotiate in the beginning to save some money so this is the moment where you need to stand your ground.

Indicating Confidence

Indicating Confidence

If you really want to convince client, you need to make firm statements. Your firm and confident statements regarding your price will discourage clients from negotiating prices with you.

Clients can bluff too

Clients can bluff too

Always remember that clients can bluff too about not being able to afford prices. So beware and do not fall for client’s ‘i-cannot-afford-such-rates’. In a very friendly manner you can tell your potential clients that you are not going to lower down you rates because this is what you normally charge on routine basis.


You will really have to work less on convincing clients if your work speaks for itself. Make sure you showcase best of your work. There is no harm in charging your favorite rates but you yourself need to be satisfied with the fact that you are providing the work which is worth it.      Be confident, showcase your best work and convince clients by telling them how your skills can prove to be beneficial for their project. If you can successfully do this, there should be no looking back.

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