The Phenomena of Link Building and Your Blog’s Success

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Link building is very important if you want to promote your website and reach out to a larger number of audiences. If you have studied SEO, you will definitely know that link building is among the core tasks of Search engine optimization. Link building not only increases the popularity of your website but it plays a very important role in increasing the ranking of your website on search engines. As a webmaster, you should try your level best to work on search engine optimization for the betterment of your website.

If you are involved in any kind of business, you will definitely understand the important of link building on every platform, be it within a website or outside website world. Both kinds of link building will help in the growth of your website. Link building will not only increase the traffic on your website but will also improve your search engine rankings. Now, this does not mean that you should take links from any website as it is not going to help you. Your priority should be to gather links from the websites which are popular and relevant. Proper selection of links is very important otherwise your website will get negative kind of publicity. Search engine is clever enough to find if the links on your website are relevant or not so be careful.

Do not go for shortcuts in link building as it will end up hurting your website’s reputation. Link building is not as easy as it may appear to be. It is a little difficult to get natural links. You have to provide a very quality content to get natural links. Apart from this, in order to build links, you need to work on it on your own. If you are just starting off, make sure you give link building the importance it deserves from the beginning. Your website should consist of quality content and helpful tools only then, people will share links on your website. Also, while you are making your base strong, do analyze what your competitor is up to. You should get better links on your website in comparison with your competitors. Much like marketing with postcard printing and mailing efforts, link building will increase rankings and bring more visitors to your blog.

In this article we will be discussing different stages of link building for you to learn the process and benefit from it. To kick off, request your contacts and networking circle to share links on your website. You can also promote your website on social networking websites as they are a great way to reach out to people. Now, let us take a look at different stages and strategies for link building.

Be Open and Upfront – Ask for it

Be Open and Upfront - Ask for it

This can be called the easiest way towards link building is to directly ask for it. If you are a newbie, you will have to directly ask for it as people coming to you for link building might not be a possibility. You can simply display links on your website for sharing on website or sharing with friends. By providing these options, you are allowing your users to stay in touch with your website whenever they want. If you are aware of link building software, you must be aware of CMS software. This software makes link building a lot easier for your users by providing forms which makes sharing tasks easy and simple.

However, make sure that you are providing quality content and information for natural link building. Tools like CMS and good content can really make your link building effortless. Instead of you reaching out to people, they will reach out to you.

Issue Newsletters

Issue Newsletters

Networking, reaching out to people is very important for link building and newsletter is indeed a great way to fulfill the purpose of link building. You should issue a weekly or monthly newsletter for your website. This will keep you connected with your readers.  You can inform readers about the new developments in your website and if there is anything to look forward too. Your newsletter should be attractive enough when it comes to content for users to forward it to their friends. This will promote your website more and chances of getting links for link building gets higher.

Create Website Widgets

Create Website Widgets

This is by far among the most popular ways of link building. Many famous websites have used website widgets and have also benefited from it. Website widgets can actually be used by other websites which eases the process of link building. If someone likes your website’s link they can share it easily on their website if you have created a unit of website widgets. You can even have customized website widget. If you do not have knowledge of Java, flash, you can get it made with the help of someone who is well aware of such terms.  Website widgets will make your link prominent on other websites if shared and you will get a good increase in the number of traffic.

Utilizing Social Bookmarking

Utilizing Social Bookmarking

Engaging in social bookmarking is again a great idea for link building. Utilizing social bookmarking is not only simple and easy but it can prove to be really beneficial if used in a proper way. Social bookmarking acts as publicity posters of your website or blog in the virtual world. All you need to do is visit a social bookmarking website, install a tool and make bookmarking of your quality content a lot easier. These social bookmarking sites are going to store your data and then highlight the most popular links on your website. This can be considered as one of the best ways for link building and if you are utilizing social bookmarking services, consider your goal of successful link building achieved.

Installation of this tool will show a bookmark icon on your website. You will also be able to keep a track of articles which have highest bookmark rankings. However, make sure that you do go over the board with bookmarking thing. Avoid having a lot of bookmarking icons.

Directory Submission

Directory Submission

Submitting to a directory is again a popular way of link building. Make sure you submit the best of your website on the directory. Also, enlist some good directories and submit your website on the best of directories. You should do a good research of directories before selecting any and this can be done with the help of internet research.

Also, go for directories with a no-follow link because if you submit your website on any no-follow link directory, you will never be able to serve the purpose. During directory submission, you may have to face a lot of issues or conditions because easy directory vary from one another. Minus all the conditions, this can serve to be a great way for link building.

Create Your Own Blog or Submit an Article

Create Your Own Blog or Submit an Article

Running a blog or submitting an article is again a great way for link building. If you are good at writing, you can write articles n your blog with a link of your website or you can submit articles on other websites as well. You do not have to create a blog of your own, if you do not have enough time. You can post articles on a lot of blogging websites which are famous for instance, ezine. While writing an article, make sure you use the keywords which are relevant to your website

If you follow 2-3 ways mentioned above, you can definitely improve the link building process and once you are done with this, you will be amazed to see the increase in the traffic and popularity of your website.

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  1. Nimsrules, 9 February 2012

    Some of the above mentioned tips were completely unknown to me. Thank you Arfa for sharing these.

  2. Ben Clarke, 10 February 2012

    Great write up here blogging is definitely a very effective way to gain “Google Rank” (Non technical term) Ive been working on SEO project for the past 3/4 months. I do enjoy watching and developing a site and watching its page rank grow every 4months. My latest project jumped from pagerank 0 to 4 in 3 months which is pretty dam good if you ask me :D!

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