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It’s an era of technology and in this flux everything is flowing very fast, it’s necessary to survive in this era, that you must know a useful know-how about the technology. It’s also a source of survival for many people, just for example there was a time when people travel for a long distance but now they can use mobile to talk with one another, Google is also a well-known name for this purpose it’s not s search engine, its more than a search engine, there is also a well-know operating system by the Google and that is Android, that is also running well in many devices, smartphones, and tablets. On the other hand Apple same like that Apple is also a well-known name for technology that has many wonderful products like iPhone 4S, The New iPad and iPod Touch and the operating system which is running in the Apple’s products is iOS and Mac is also a wonderful product by the Apple. Social media is also playing a good role now a day, now people like to have an online business and blogging is also of this part, in online jobs social media is playing a pretty good role even also for earn money.

I the above I tried to present you a little bit introduction of technology and some well-know appearances of technology. Os, social media is also a very useful form of technology that play a very good role social media means all that sources that connect people to each other like Facebook, Twitter, Google’s g+, Skype and all these kinds of sources are the social media. Using social media stay connected to each other many people also earn their bread through social media because many people like web page designer, developer, programmer and even content writer get their clients and earn money. Now in the recent times social media has increase its worth some more because a new form of social media is now available named Pinterest here I am going to provide you some introduction and its function and features, it’s a nice dose for those people who don’t know that what is the Pinterest, below you can see some comprehensive detail for this purpose.

What is Pinterest

What is Pinterest

Basically Pinterest is also a kind of social media as I have explained in the above paragraph but it’s a new kind and also works in the different way like other social media. Its working methodology is really a different that’s brings in the people is a unique way, whenever o you open this site you can see a nice collection of things and you can easily pick your desired thing and get a wide-ranging detail about that. You can easily find your things like whether you are a food lover or you are a dressing conscious; you can easily find your related stuff. And it doesn’t stop the stuff continuously coming on this site you can easily pick your desired item and also get the sufficient detail about that.

Lets we talk about the menu bar of this site, as you open this site, you can see the login button you can easily login using your Email address, first of you all we see the “Everything” in this option you’ll see each and every kind of stuff that is presenting on the site, secondly you can see the “videos” in this portion you can see a gigantic stuff related about the videos, almost each and every kind of video is available here. In the part of “Popular” you can get a sufficient stuff related to the popular items, those items who are popular in the society must be seen in here. In the end there is an option of “Gifts”, if you want to present a gift to a person and you are unable to make a judgment you can get the idea from here about the subject matter. There is also a search portion on this site and you can also search your beloved stuff.

The Working Strategy of Pinterest

The Working Strategy of Pinterest

The working strategy of this social media is quite clear, if a person understand the real benefits of this platform, he can get many more advantages because it make people connected in a different and unique way. Because if we look towards the working strategy of Pinterest, it try to put in order many kinds of daily routine life stuff in really a realistic and artistic way for all and sundry. Here I’d like to say that people try to use pinboards to arrange their life in well manners like to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes, but now you have no need r to do so because now Pinterest is your perfect partner. According to Pinterest:

“Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people. With millions of new pins added every week, Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests”.

It’s a main objective that you have read in the above lines, it’s pretty cool now that’s why in the above lines that Pinterest is your perfect partner that can manage your life in really a good and idealistic manners the main thing which I’d like to mention here is that it’s also easy to understand for every man, even a green person (who haven’t a sufficient know how about technology and internet) can use it without of any trouble. This new kind of social media is really an interesting that pull the other’s attraction due to its wonderful features we can say that Pinterest is trying to make sure that what we release on the site and its really high quality and really beautiful and that you should use it to make the life perfect and, its also provide incredible services that make our life easy.

Difference Between Pinterest and Facebook

Difference Between Pinterest and Facebook

Facebook is also a well-known social media service that makes you connected with your friends that you can make chat with your family and friends, in simple words we can say that Facebook connected you with your lovers, it’s a little service of Facebook and that is chatting, on the other hand using facebook you can also share things with your friends. You can also vote your desired stuff, whenever we open a site or a blog and we also see the Facebook button using that button we can vote that thing and we also use Facebook for marketing we can make a page that can help us to stay connected with our fans and we can also presents our products from this source.

That was a little introduction about the Facebook if we compare to the both platforms, we can say that there is lots of difference between the services. We go to many pages to our desired things but on Pinterest provide us all the things without of any difficulty, Facebook keep us connected with our friends and family but Pinterest keep us connected with goods. We Login to Facebook for chatting, and to find people, but the Pinterest also provides us the sufficient knowledge about the goods, so that was the difference about Pinterest and Facebook.

Final Thoughts

So, in the end we can say that Pinterest provides us many features, we just need to Login at this site to get a wonderful pack of features, about the things that can make our life easy, simple and idealistic for other, it’s also a new form of social media, that keep us connected with those things that we are using in our daily routine life.  It’s a great achievement in the field of technology that also makes our life more easy and exemplary for others.

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