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We are living in an age where technology is playing a most important part and each and every work of our daily routine life is connected with it. And the today’s topic is also very interesting and it’s also related with the progress of technology, we can say the due to technology we’ve a very easy life that was never before. If we look towards the life of ancient man they were spending a life which was full of hardworking and efforts for the survival but comparatively the life of a modern man is full of easiness and enjoyments, now we’ve also jobs like a fun, such as writing. I am a writer and whenever I am writing on any of the topic I feel enjoy because I like this profession and one of the eminence in my writings is the simplicity and I never make hard any topic.

However here I’ll not do pay tribute to my writings, today I’ve selected a very interesting topic and that is all about the Social Media. We can say that Social Media is playing a most wonderful role in each and every department of life, but today I’ll just talk about the importance of social media in the daily routine life. Social media is also playing a good role to earn the money, through social media you can also stay connected with the latest updates and through social media you can also stay connected with your friends and family these are the daily routine life usage of social media.

In today’s article I’ll just concentrate on the three well-known social media application and their use in this era and in the daily routine life of a common man. Among these three well-known social media application are facobook, Google + and Twitter. Each and every application are the well-known and every person who is using internet must knows about the use of facobook, Google + and Twitter.

First of all let we talk about the basically facebook is an American company and the website was launched in February 2004, operated and you can imagine the fame of this website that on May 2012, Facebook has over 900 million active users, more than half of them using mobile devices. If we talk about the Google + and it is this in pronunciation and sometimes written as Google Plus, sometimes abbreviated as G+ is a social networking and identity service, operated by Google Inc. Now let we talk about the Twitter basically it’s an online social networking service and also a microblogging service that allows users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as tweetsthat was the introduction and below you can see the substance of social media in this era.

Social Media for Companies

Social Media for Companies

There are also well-known companies who are working worldwide and they are considered as the multination companies. Social media can also prove pretty useful for these kinds of companies, because through social media these companies can share their product and in this way these companies can easily get the success. For example if you D&G is a well known international brand if you have join them through the social media you can easily get the information about the products of this brand. My regular readers know that I often quote examples in my writings to make you understand my real point, so, if you are a user of social media you can easily get the info about the products of Companies its beneficial for companies are for the users as well.

A Platform for Sharing

A Platform for Sharing

If you are a user of any application of social media it means that you also know that social media can also prove useful for the sharing, you can easily share your desired things or whatever in your mind. This feature of social media can also prove useful especially for the bloggers because in this way bloggers can share their posts on the social media and easily generate the traffic and it’s the main purpose of every blogger to get the maximum traffic. Not only this you can also make some enjoyment because through social media you can also share your favorite videos and songs as you want.

Excellent Approach for Spare Time

Excellent Approach for Spare Time

If you are free and you are unable to make a decision that how you can make useful your spare time you can also use any application of social media. Because as I’ve explain above that through social media you can stay in-touch with your friends, but this thing also has a bad aspect too, here I’d like to say that social media can also prove negative because in this way a common man wastes its lots of valuable time. Now it’s up to you that how can you use social media for the positive way. The use of anything is in the hand of a user same like social media.

In the end

So, in the end we can say that social media can prove useful for the every department of life, it has lots of benefits and also disadvantages too. In this article I just concentrate to present the positive usage of social media in this era in the daily routine life. I just try to present you most important benefits and what you are thinking about the social Media let’s we know in the comments below…

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