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If we look towards the life of a man he just have one wish, to become rich over night but it is a wrong notion because it is not possible as we thought. On the other hand nobody wants to become successful, basically the majority of people don’t want to do hard working, however without hardworking no one can become successful as well as rich. In this flux on internet and technology there are many new departments and professions, if you have ability you should join any creative field, in essence it’s not simple and easy to become well-off or successful as soon as possible, you have to do hard work in your life for this purpose.

It’s also a fact that in this progressive age the people’s thinking point is more creative than before, because it’s a demand of time. Among all other creative fields, designing is also one of them in which creativity falls very keenly, because a designer has to present a new and eye-catching stuff all the times. The today’s article is all about designers there are many designers who are doing mistakes again and again and in this way they could destroy their reputation.

Basically designing is a field of creativity and it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, now almost every business man want to have a website to represent their business in the gigantic world of web, that’s why designers are getting lots of progress along with website developers. In this field both the designers are falling web page designing and graphics designing as well, and today I am going to share these perilous habits of a designer that can damage the whole reputation of a designer. If you are a designer whether graphics designer or web page designer you should read this article and pass up from these things.

Work in your Own way

Work in your Own way

It’s a most important technique if you want to become a successful designer, you should keep in mind that, your client has also some requirements and he hires you to fulfill them. So, it’s your duty to done your task according to the desire of your client, he’s paying you because he want to see the design as he want. I’d like to say that if we don’t absorb the client’s mentality, we can never create satisfying results. In the designing career if you want to be among successful designers then it’s your duty make all the desire of client true.

Rely on Anything

Rely on Anything

In this life should always look for the betterment and should not rely on any specific thing, in the whole life a man faces many changing and variations. So, being a successful man if you’ll manage all the things efficiently you can get success, similarly in the field of designing you should always find the new ways of creativity. In the wide world of web there is lots of knowledge is flowing, and the field of designing is also very large, and you should know about each and everything. For example a responsive web design is a new trend, being a designer you should have sufficient information about it.

Environment Difficulties for a Designer

Environment Difficulties for a Designer

It’s a problem of many workers but not only for designers, being a worker you should build an ability to do work in each and every kind of circumstances because many designers have to face environment difficulties. There are many freelancers when they have to work in an office they feel many problems, because they are in the habit of, doing work at home. Whether you work from home or you have an office, it is very important that you remain yourself and buddies motivated for this purpose I’d like to say that you have to make work feel less like work.

Confusion About Work

Confusion About Work

It’s a problem of many designers because they never do cross questions to their client or boss and in the result they have to face problem in the work. Before you start a project you should be familiar with all important points and about every complication that is involved with your project because it is your duty. And when you start your work, you should have an appropriate an action-plan and you should have clear purposes. You should be acquainted with the target audience, client preferences, your limitations and deadline, and you shouldn’t have any confusion in relation to work.

Your Revulsion With Discussion


Now you have a solid responsibility of a project, when your client and boss is going to hand over you the responsibility of a design you should make a solid discussion with your client. And in your talking there would also be a very strong courage, in this way you can develop a good impression before your client. It’s a great withdraw for a designer if he feel hesitation or revulsion with discussion, making discussion with client is also a trick that nobody have. And to develop into successful designer in existence you have to create this ability in yourself of discussion with your client.

Final Thoughts

In this article I just tried to share some essential things that a designer should ignore in his professional career, there are also many things on which you should get control, like if you can’t remember what RGB and CMYK stand for. Being a web designer you should also make use of Internet Explorer to check your web designs. Being a creative one you should also have information alternative to Photoshop. So, these things are also essential along with above matters.

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