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In this advance age internet and technology is part and parcel of everything, in our daily routine life we are using several things that make our life pretty easy and full of facilities. That’s why people are also inclined towards advancement, and prefer to join advance departments, even to use as a source of survival. I mean to say that there are also many new departments and fields arrive at the daily basis and if you have some extra skills in the use of technology, if you want to join them. Because technology has no limitations, we can easily estimate that how was the life before ten years and how is it now, there are lots of changings we can see around even the thought of people is also more developed than before, that’s why almost every person has also convert their lifestyle according to their desire.

I’d like to say that now people are also inclined towards online business, in this regard, blogging and online website for the business are on top. If you are running a blog or website you should have some extra-ordinary skills, and also has creativity because in this way you can explore new techniques and methods for your work. Basically today I have selected this topic just for the bloggers and website owners, all they are incomplete without Google and that’s why they have to follow every rule of Google, it’s a key to get success. In this regard Google’s Crawl Rate is also playing most important role, if you are working perfectly but you aren’t getting success it means you are facing Crawl Rate, below you can see the exact definition of Google Crawl Rate:

Crawl rate refers to the speed of Googlebot’s requests during the crawl process. It doesn’t have any effect on how often we crawl or how deeply we crawl your URL structure. If you want Google to crawl new or updated content on your site, use Fetch as Google instead.

To get success you have to increase the Google Crawl Rate, if you want to improve your earning, there are many essential factors that stop your Crawl Rate and today we’ll discuss upon them. So, just avoid that reasons and do work with full passion in this way you can become successful and the Crawl Rate of your website would also be increase.

Regularly Update your Website

Regularly Update your Website

It’s the most important thing which you should keep in your mind all the times, because it’s the key of success, if you are running a blog and you aren’t updating your blog continuously you’ll lose your traffic and might be you also lose the page rank. If you’ll stay updated all the times you’ll also get the good SEO for your blog, that’s the SEO which improves the performance of your blog in search engine. For this purpose you should stay connected with the trends because, “trend is friend” and it’s a valid way to get the targeted traffic.

Easy to Navigate Website

Easy to Navigate Website

Very important thing but there are many blogger whom I know personally keep away from this reason, but you should give attention to this reason. It’s also a main cause to increase the bounce rate of your blog or website and it’s not good for success of your blog, in this regard the menu bar of your website is essential. If a visitor comes on your blog and wants to have paid apps for your iOS device then it’s your duty that how you’ll provide it to your visitor. If you want to Google crawl rate and become successful your blog should also be easy to navigate website.

Avoid Copy & Paste Technique

Avoid Copy & Paste Technique

It’s the most dangerous thing that makes your website useless, don’t try to steal the content of other blogs or website might be your blog also turn to be penalize forever. I have personally seen many bloggers who try to use this way but soon they also face the result, and become fail in this field. Always write your own unique content with full of SEO techniques and key-words. Just pass up the copy and paste technique and write your own stuff, if you want to become successful in this field, your unique content will let you up in this world of online business.

Reduce Loading Time

Reduce Loading Time

This is also very perilous reason, in other words we can say that it’s the enemy of your success, if you are professional bloggers then you can easily understand the reasons, why your blog is slow and take lots of time to load. Might be your blog or website is slow due to your bad hosting company, and might be due to the image types, you should point out the main reason why your blog is slow and take lots of time to load. It’s an also a technique to increase the Google traffic.

Useful Internal and External Links

Useful Internal and External Links

It’s also a useful technique that you should focus to Google Crawl Rate, and I’d like to say that Google also prefer this technique blogging. And in this way you can also increase the page view of your website or blog and your user will also get its desired stuff easily. Make sure that there shouldn’t be any broken link on your website or blog because Google also discourage this kind of work, so stay connected with useful internal and external links and avoid the broken links.

Final Thoughts

So, in the end we can say that if you want to become successful then you should also use the creative skills, and become successful in this field. Blogging requires many professional skills and if don’t have them you cannot become successful, and increase your earning, I just try to share with you some reasons that how you can increase the Google Crawl Rate.

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  1. Tristan, 14 September 2012

    Cool read. As a tech blogger of over 3 years, I can honestly say that this is the kind of reads I would often come across and disregard because of ignorance. If you are new to the game, as simple as these tips may seem, make them your bread and butter for success.

  2. Prabhu, 18 September 2012

    Nice Article

  3. Vifiya, 20 September 2012

    Great post, the internal and external link details are important although many people tend to think only internal links are important.

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