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Image processing and photo editing are becoming most famous activities of the techno world these days. This emerging new trend has been taken up by a number of software, websites and web applications. Especially after Instagram’s popularity has catapulted into world fame, there has been a great boost in the demand of photo editing and image processing applications. On a search spree for the best image editing program, I looked into a variety of applications and software available on the Internet. However, most of these cut a sorry figure when it came to quality and comprehensiveness. However, I recently came across an exceptional application that provides users with easy and great quality photo editing, i.e. Snapheal.

About Snapheal

Snapheal is an exciting new Mac application of photo editing and image improving. As the name says, Snapheal enables you to edit your photos and improve their quality by removing redundant objects or distractions like they never even existed. Snapheal has so many features that one can never get enough of photo editing.

The best thing about Snapheal is that it is literally ‘everyone’s cup of tea’, meaning that this Mac application can be used and easily managed by everyone. Either you are a professional designers or an armature photographer, Snapheal can make your images picture perfect with a mere click. You don’t need to take any online tutorials for photo editing or ask friends who works on PhotoShop to edit some photos for you. All you have to do is to install Snapheal in your Mac and get it done all by yourself.

Exciting Features

Exciting Features

Snapheal is a bundle of absolutely interesting and highly creative features. These features make Snapheal standout from rest of the image editing application. Following is a sweeping glance at some of Snapheal’s most alluring features:

  • Mac application that gives you utter ease of use
  • Snapheal is specifically a Mac photo editing application that takes full advantage of all the OS X features for your wonderful image editing endeavor. It works equally well on the newly launched MacBook with Retina display.
  • 3 different erasing modes with which you can edit the image with just one simple click
  • Being a pure Mac application, Snapheal also gives you the complete freedom to export your ‘healed’ photos to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto.
  • The graceful user interface of Snapheal vouches for its aesthetics and professionalism and provides users with comprehensive navigation.
  • Your reliance on only whatever your camera captures is amazingly reduced
  • From electricity cords to a stranger in your family photo, no matter what the redundant object in your photograph is, Snapheal will edit it
  • If you don’t want people to see your acne or wrinkled skin in camera close-ups, just go to Snapheal and it will do the removing and make it more improved
  • You can use Clone & Stamp feature to fix blemishes on photos and perform other quick minor fixes.
  • Snapheal is not just about photo editing. It is a high-end application for Image Retouching as well with which you can improve gamma, saturation, contrast, color temperature, as well as adjusting light levels, shadows and highlights; sharpen image, reducing noise and much more.
  • Snapheal’s Smart Brush allows you to apply fixes on the specific part of photo, keeping the rest of your masterpiece untouched.
  • As soon as you are done with healing your photos through Snapheal, you can instantly share your masterpiece on famous social media like Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter or E-mail, and some others which are soon to be offered.
  • The geniuses behind Snapheal will not rest till they provide you the best of the best features in this wonderful application. Therefore, you’ll keep receiving regular updates of all the improvements and newer features that will be introduced into the application.
  • Last, but not the least, Snapheal has an efficient support service that will help you solve all your issues.

About Snapheal

So, next time you are visiting an exciting place among a big crowd of people, don’t waste your time in waiting for people to leave the scene and take a bold shot, because Snapheal will heal it all.

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  1. TC, 13 December 2013

    I am so disappointed in this app. “If you don’t want people to see your acne or wrinkled skin in camera close-ups, just go to Snapheal and it will do the removing and make it more improved”. I cannot figure out how to do this. Any leads on tutorials would be welcomed. Right now, I feel like I wasted my money.

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