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Lightbox Defines As

The Lightbox is a window that shows above the rest of the content on a web page. Nowadays one of the hottest trends is the use of jquery Lightbox plugins. The light box plugins are very famous for showcasing images, photos, videos, maps and other web contents in an elegant and appealing way, these techniques are also used for pop up email Signup forms or logins forms.

Benefits of Using Lightbox Plugins

Benefits of Using Lightbox Plugins

There are several benefits of using a Lightbox plugins one of them which is most important is that users or developers are not required to leave the page to look at the content of the Lightbox and also the image that is emphasized by the darken effect in the back. Some image Lightbox plugins even include the ability of displaying gallery and permit users to browse through sets of images. They help users to create astonishing and appealing effects according to users and developers demand.

Changed the Traditional Image Viewing Techniques

Changed the Traditional Image Viewing Techniques

Lightbox plugins have changed the traditional image viewing techniques for many websites. They are popping up from social media sites to personal projects. They can be used to showcase a variety of visual media into streamed line format including photos, maps, videos and web contents. The Lightbox plugins add the elements of professionalism and also increase the usability of websites. There are different lightbox plugins that are easily available on the web such as a ILight jquery plugin and more as well.

Light Is an Innovative jQuery Lightbox Plugin

Light Is an Innovative jQuery Lightbox Plugin

Is a light, simple, insightful, powerful and innovative jQuery Lightbox plugin for artistic and motivated web developers and designers. ILIGHT is a revolutionary plugin for WordPress with a unique interface. Using jquery Javscript library this plugin permits users to simply build the most responsive overlay windows. ILightbox is a plugin that supports a wide range of media including gorgeous skins and a user friendly interface. The Llightbox plugin is designed to push the Lightbox concept as far as possible.

Designed to Fit Any Screen Resolution

It is designed to automatically re-size properly on all screen sizes and allows for easy navigations. It does not only fit to any screen resolution but also provides swipe gestures to navigate through the media galleries.

Supports Different Browsers

It is not only built to perform great in the latest desktop browsers but it also looks and behaves well in tablets and Smartphone browsers, it supports browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome Android and more, it gives an optimal viewing experience to the visitors.

Packed With Fantastic Features

The ILightbox jquery plugin is packed with fantastic features and makes things even more awesome. This plugin gained popularity due to its simple yet stylish and easy implementation and installation as well. It is designed to create a user friendly page experience providing fabulous effects on a web page. Using ILightbox jQuery plugin developers can display images and videos on their website in an organized and attractive way. This Lightbox plugin has the ability to add responsive Lightbox capabilities to Html and WordPress powered websites or blogs. It provides search engine and supports YouTube videos and Vimeo videos as well.

It automatically recognizes the videos from websites. . It helps users to apply Llightboxes easily and so that they become viewable on all device screen resolutions. It is completely customizable with several skins and settings that can match to responsive Lightboxes to user’s website’s exiting design. It is completely flexible using JavaScript and CSS to meet the need of the users. It includes jquery capabilities and responsive design. It provides 6 different and amazing skins and full screen support. It includes navigations feature such as keyboard navigations, mouse support, swipe events integration for Html5 videos and tons of other features as well.

Social Sharing Icons Feature

Social Sharing Icons Feature

It includes a social sharing icons feature that permits visitors to easily share each window across the social network. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Google and users can even create their own custom social buttons as well. User can easily share their website or personal projects through sharing service networks.

Works Perfectly With Android Devices

It has highly users interface design, fully customizable it makes possible to customize or redesign all parts of ILightbox. It friendly works with iPhone, iPad, windows phone and Android devices as well.

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