Mobile Friendly Themes a Must?

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Having Mobile Friendly Themes are now a must!  Google announced that on April 21, mobile searches will ONLY show results for mobile friendly sites!  This is huge, bigger than Panda and Penguin combined!  About 40% of all all searches are from a mobile device, according to Marketing Land.

Are you Mobile Friendly?

Check out Google’s Pas/Fail test here.  If you pass, congratulations!  You will keep your traffic and get your non-mobile-friendly competitors traffic to boot!  If you fail, it’s time to act FAST!!!

How to Get Mobile Friendly

The biggest killer to Mobile Friendly is your theme.  Sadly, not all “responsive” themes are mobile friendly.  Google judges on legibility of font, having all displayed items viewable in the viewport, and proximity of touchpoints.  A properly configured quality fully responsive theme should do the job.  My Theme Shop is known for their very fast, mobile friendly, fully responsive, SEO friendly themes.  I personally have used their themes and can recommend them.  If you click here and enter the coupon code “mythemeshop25”, you will get 25% off the purchase price.

No matter which way you go, just make sure you don’t miss the deadline!  April 21 is right around the corner.  Get mobile friendly now!

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