The Phenomena of Usability Testing (Part 1) Importance of UT for a Winning Design

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Before launching any product, it is very important for the product owner to get it tested. Same goes for website designing. If you want your website to function properly, you should definitely understand the importance of usability testing in website designing. Your website visitors are way too busy to complaint about your website. Some of them will, however, most of them will look for another option. Just because you are not getting complaints does not mean that your website does not have any issues. The only way to make users’ inform you about your website issues is to give them an easiest way. Proper testing of any product before its launch and even afterwards is very important.

Before we get into any details, it is important for us to understand what usability testing actually is. It is basically a technique to get the product tested by users before its launch or afterwards. This is exactly why most of the companies have hired QA Engineers to perform usability testing for their website designs. Not only websites and web applications are tested, these days every product is properly tested before its launch to ensure successful usage of the product. Some companies even launch beta products for users to test and give suggestions. The suggestions can be implemented before the actual launch

Take the Reins of Powerful Business Communication

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Effective business communication is an essential part of running any kind of business. You can be the best at what you do but if you are not able to communicate your business’s positive points effectively, you will miss out on a lot of good clients. A business card wouldn’t always speak for you, you need to communicate and you have to be really good at it. If you are a graphic designer, your work speaks for itself but at the same time you need to be able to promote yourself effectively to the potential client in order to convince him that no one can handle his project better than yours. It’s important that your value propositions are including in your messaging. Once you have those in your layouts you can get quality printing from Next Day Flyers on all of your brochures and pamphlets you distribute.

While selling yourself you will have to pitch your strategies to the client, have effective meetings with them, provide good customer support, advertise yourself and last but not the least do some good networking and for all of this, you have to be really good with your communication skills. In this article, we will disclose a few secrets of effective business communication and by implementing them you will surely see a drastic improvement in your business dealings

It’s Time to Sell Your Designs at Your Favorite Rates

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Wouldn’t life be perfect if a designer can sell his designs at his favorite rates and get away with it as well? Yes, it would be amazing but not every designer can charge his favorite rates. As a designer are you asking for your favorite rates and getting them as well? If yes, you are lucky and if not, what are you doing wrong is something you need to find an answer for. In this article we will be discussing how a designer can charge his favorite rates and present his rates in such a way that the client cannot say no to you. When you go to sell your designs, you may also want to print them. When you do, find a company offering Next Day turnaround printing to ensure your work gets taken care of quickly

Benefits and Drawbacks Of Online Payment Service PayPal

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Technology has provide us lots of advantages are now our daily routine life become pretty easy and are spending a like full of easiness an around the world lots of people are earning money due to using technology. We can say that there are thousands and thousands of people all over the world who in fact make money on the internet, either as a complete time online business, part time business or just as an additional income. So, the chance to work at home and make money online or to put up a full-blown home based online business is wide open for any person nowadays. If we are talking about online businesses there is also a bright name and that is blogging, here I want to say that previous to you start your first online business, be definite that you have gotten as much make inquiries done beforehand as possible. Because this will cut down on the level of “trial and error” that you must suffer through your first experience. And also situate the long term goals for you to shoot for, and commit yourself to focus and consistency. One drawback of Paypal is having to view their ads for business cards and other partner products after making a transaction.

More and more business are come online even a graphic designer can perform its services in the fields of printing, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets, rack cards, calendars. In the flux of online business there is also a name and that is PayPal who manage your income. With more than 232 million accounts registered, PayPal allows the customers to send, hold and receive funds in 24 currencies international in 190 markets. In 2009, PayPal launched a Students’ Account for teens stating it’s aspire to make available tools to teens for educating them on spending money wisely. Parents can set of contacts this account and transfer money into it, giving their teens a debit card. Here I am going to present you the benefits and drawbacks of online Payment service PayPal

Are you A Guest Post Writer? Use Some Tips To Be a Attractive Writer


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Reaction the SOPA – If That Come to Pass

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Apple is a well-known electronic company which has lots of amazing and incredible products like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and many more. Usually we do the jailbreaking process with these devices it’s a process by which we make our iOS Device pretty usable but SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) was against the jailbreak. We can say that it is a performance presented in House of Representatives on 26 Oct 2011 which be going to to get bigger the ability of U.S authorities to apprehend and punish the rogue and indistinct websites overseas on the name of concluding piracy. It is in additional words Internet policing.

So, if you are similar to a person who is connected to extensive world of Web you must pay attention about the topic which is about “SOPA” and its complete name is “Stop Online Piracy Act”. By the way more than a few websites have taken steps to lift up public’s attentiveness on the subject of the dangers of SOPA including Google, Reddit, and Wikipedia. And since the bill, if passed, would directly affect the jailbreak community, we figured we’d do the similar. Just as a graphic designer who does his job for printing, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets, rack cards, calendars and we ban him for work he’ll do the propaganda for this just like that people are doing going against for SOPA. Both sides of the argument will engage in rack card printing campaigns to spread the word about their cause

Tips to Prepare for a ‘Never Done Before’ Project

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It has been quoted a lot number of times that everything has its pros and cons; same goes for freelance designing. Any web professional who is working on his own gets to enjoy a lot of perks for instance, not reporting to anyone, working on his own convenience however, with all these perks, there are hard times too. Every now and then they find themselves in a situation of performing a new task which is entirely new to them and if not new, it is not their forte. Since freelancers have to work on different projects every now and then, they have to face the challenge of working on something new from time to time. Taking on something new is always a little difficult yet interesting. Not only, it will help you grow as a web professional, it is definitely going to add to your designer repute as well. From small sticker printing projects to large scale web site redesigns, think through potential bottlenecks you may encounter with the project.

Whenever you are working on something totally new, you must be sure of your moves. You obviously do not want to do something wrong and appear irresponsible. A client will also have doubts regarding your lack of experience related to the particular project. You should not allow your lack of experience to take a good opportunity away from you. When a client comes to you with something you are not well aware of, make sure you do not put off the client with your concerns. You should come across as someone who is confident and can handle any kind of task.

As a web professional, you should know the importance of learning new things every now and then because designing world is constantly evolving with the new technology. Also, the competency factor should remain in you to learn and work on new things. In this article we will be discussing a few steps that any web professional should follow for taking on something new

35 Awesome and Attractive WordPress Widgets For Bloggers

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I’m a great fan of wordpress and I hope you too, because WordPress Widgets and other features make WordPress easy to use for bloggers. WordPress widgets is an easy and simple way to use for the bloggers, wordpress widgets display online visitors, comments, reports and more features on your site. Thus I have created a stunning list of 35 Attractive WordPress Widgets special for the bloggers. Below is the list…

The Phenomena of Link Building and Your Blog’s Success

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Link building is very important if you want to promote your website and reach out to a larger number of audiences. If you have studied SEO, you will definitely know that link building is among the core tasks of Search engine optimization. Link building not only increases the popularity of your website but it plays a very important role in increasing the ranking of your website on search engines. As a webmaster, you should try your level best to work on search engine optimization for the betterment of your website.

If you are involved in any kind of business, you will definitely understand the important of link building on every platform, be it within a website or outside website world. Both kinds of link building will help in the growth of your website. Link building will not only increase the traffic on your website but will also improve your search engine rankings. Now, this does not mean that you should take links from any website as it is not going to help you. Your priority should be to gather links from the websites which are popular and relevant. Proper selection of links is very important otherwise your website will get negative kind of publicity. Search engine is clever enough to find if the links on your website are relevant or not so be careful.

Do not go for shortcuts in link building as it will end up hurting your website’s reputation. Link building is not as easy as it may appear to be. It is a little difficult to get natural links. You have to provide a very quality content to get natural links. Apart from this, in order to build links, you need to work on it on your own. If you are just starting off, make sure you give link building the importance it deserves from the beginning. Your website should consist of quality content and helpful tools only then, people will share links on your website. Also, while you are making your base strong, do analyze what your competitor is up to. You should get better links on your website in comparison with your competitors. Much like marketing with postcard printing and mailing efforts, link building will increase rankings and bring more visitors to your blog.

In this article we will be discussing different stages of link building for you to learn the process and benefit from it. To kick off, request your contacts and networking circle to share links on your website. You can also promote your website on social networking websites as they are a great way to reach out to people. Now, let us take a look at different stages and strategies for link building

Infographic Concept – As Design Blog vs Technology Blog


It’s an era of internet and technology that now most of the businesses are going to be an online because they need to get the maximum achievements. Technology is also a source of survival for lots of people and now the people are also able enough to earn their bread in a good amount at their homes because now you can do an online job specially web is more supportive for the webpage designers, developers, programmers and content writer. Now the latest trend is to earn the online income in blogging we can say that blog is such a platform where we can share our personal experience with others. People like to have a blog and work on it at their home; it has also open lots of new ways to earn the bread for many departments for example designer, developers and programmers, content writers and many more. Almost all the bloggers are using open source to deliver the content on the blog and this regard WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are well-known. For example if a person is working for a blog he knows about to use WordPress he can easily deliver the content on his site but if any problem is existing in his blog then he need to a Developer or a designer who knows about the CSS. So, we can say that blogging also open ways for many other departments and in this regard lots of people are earning a good amount. Well thought out infographics can hold as much information as a booklet printing layout, but it’s in a form that’s easier and quicker to read.

If we are talking about graphic designer who is working in the field of printing, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets, rack cards, calendars. He also need to the professionals only one person is not able to handle in lots of departments at a time, if we are talking about blogging there are two main categories in blogging the 1st is a design blog and the 2nd is technology blog. There is lots of difference between the both types of blogs as we can understand about the name technology blogs, in this kind of blog we are talking about the latest trends about technology and about the news and reviews about technology. On the other hand if we’ll taking about design blogs there are lots of topics on these kinds of blogs especially for designers as mentioned in the name Design Blog. Designers can share their knowledge on these kinds of blogs we can also see many tutorials to create many designs like to create business card, to create broachers, and to create wallpapers so, these kinds of blogs known as design blogs

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