30+ Amazing Cardboard Designs

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Most of the people think that cardboard is just an empty box but such as paper, cardboard is another type of material to make a design, structure and a decoration piece. These designs are beautiful as well as have the prospective to help in removing environment thread. It has been discovered that it is a useful, versatile and flexible object for making. It may not only used for packing purpose but at the present time, the use of cardboard is very vast and growing day by day such as toys for children, decoration of furniture, small as well as large scale interior structural design, cardboard is gradually more utilized by the designers all over the world because cardboard has enormous potential. As the cardboard can be used again and again after recycling so the use of cardboard is not only gives a stylish look also have ecological benefits. There are a lot of uses of cardboard such as card board box, card board sheets, card board chairs, card board shipping boxes, laptop stand, pieces of advertising and so many other uncountable usages.

There are a large number of designs are available on different Medias and resources such as internet which may be employed for personal as well as professional working on cardboard but to get the latest, best and unique kinds of designs which will not only comprehensive, stylish and complete also they should be easy learning so that it makes your project exceptional, fabulous, magnificent, wonderful and outstanding, here you will discover and get the exclusive, top and the best 35 Amazing Cardboard Designs. These designs are professionally made, carefully selected and elegantly presented in such a manner that not only the specialist, expert and professional person will eager to adopt them but the persons who are new to this idea of cardboard designing may also feel easiness to exercise them. Share it to your friends and the staff of your company to show your superior knowledge

Exquisite Paper Art: Breath Taking Paper Art Models

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World is full of creative people and creative ideas. There are some ideas which can be made from very minor things such as recycled paper art. This could be recycled paper or non-recycled as well. Paper art work is a very unique art. It might seem easy to twist and roll and give shapes to paper. Also, it is easy to make a plane or a boat out of a paper but this art isn’t that easy. It is different but a little difficult. Like other arts it might also take training, experience and a lot hard work. For those who are quick learners and pick the idea fast, could do it soon and very well.

You must admit after seeing the following pictures of exquisite paper art, that there are many talented people all round the world.

The pieces made out of paper are mostly hard to believe. It is an exquisite and extra ordinary form of art. You would be impressed after sighting this beauty. Some of you won’t be able to tell whether its paper or something real

TattooFashion Temporary Tattoos, Chunk of Fun, Before Having a Real One

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Tattoo art is one of the most ancient forms of body art or self decoration which is still widely in practice to this very day. Body tattoos are a famous element of fashion these days, being adopted by people of different tastes, cultures and nationalities. This form of art is especially famous in celebrities and famous people as well, which again adds to their popularity among common youth.

However, it happens sometimes that you idealize a tattoo design and go through a painful process of getting a tattoo on your body, but when you see the final result it disappoints you and you repent all the effort you had put into it. Or in some cases, you don’t really want to have a tattoo sticking to your body all the time, but you still want it for a party or an event, in this case you prefer a more temporary solution for it. Therefore in order to spare yourself (and your body) from all the useless pain, money and effort, TattooFashion offers temporary tattoos that look real

Creative Examples of Sand Sculptures


Every artist always brainstorming about new and unique artistic work and Sculptures Artwork are more than amazing other artworks, we found some specific piece of artistic sand sculptures, when I saw first time I was thinking these are 3d works but after a detail research these were amaze me about some artist have great skills to use colored buckets of sand and making celebrities, politicians, ethnic and surreal sand sculptures.

We choose a best artwork of sand sculptures in this roundup, we are appreciating that great artist who did these for an example or inspiration for new artist, and we expect your comments as encouragement. Go below to get amazing stuff!

Beautiful and Historic Sand Sculptures of Egypt


Mostly artist work as near to realistic approach and according to this roundup where we sharing Sand Art work that belong to international famous artist work, we only focusing Egyptian Sand Sculptures because they have amazing history specially Giza Pyramids, Great Sphinx, The Greek Ptolemaic queen Cleopatra VII and her son by Julius Caesar, Caesarion at the Temple of Dendera. In these of all artistic pack we have great practice of modeling sand into an artistic form such as a amazing technique of sand brushing and sand painting, all of these great and giant sand sculpture resembling of royal family of historic Egypt.

We also would like to share those building ingredients as sand and water are accessible in abundance on a sandy beach and gardens because some of listed Sand Sculptures placed to get attraction and also spread awareness to all visitors about their historic existence in Arab world. Now before start the all of this beautiful Sculptures Art of Egypt we requesting to you write your comments and share opinion toward great artist work and history adoption

20 Examples of Stereographics that Grab the Attention

Artwork, Graphic Design, Inspiration

It’s a period of internet and technology, and in this progressive age people have lots of methods to earn the money and to find the reasonable job. Now there are lots of new professions also presented in the field and in this way one can easily become master in a specific field. Like if we go back almost 10 years, on that time people haven’t satisfactory sources, but now many new field become in the field. If you are creative enough especially as a designer then you can easily get a suitable source of survival and earn a suitable amount every month. However in this progressive era “Stereographics Drawings” are also considered part and parcel in the field of designing.

We can say that now designing is also get lots of progress now a days and stereographic drawings are also one of them, and it’s also a new way to draw an object in a movement look and feel. So, if you are a designer and want to see the new examples of creativity then you should see the below stuff. I have collected the most creative and attractive pieces of Stereographics and being a designer you can also get some inspiration from the below material

80+ Creative Manipulation Artworks by Andreea Cernestean for Inspiration

Artwork, Inspiration

Andreea Cernestean is a freelance digital artist, Andreea Cernestean has specialty in photo manipulation and award with digital painting, Andreea Cernestean is also a retouches in the making, with digital art, Andreea Cernestean likes to juggle between themes and looks. Due to her beautiful talent, I like to present you a superb collection of Manipulation Artworks by Andreea Cernestean for Inspiration, you can get a thematic tips and tricks from this artwork collection. So, check out the following artwork collection

Get A Touch of Photography Artwork by Andreea Cernestean

Artwork, Inspiration

Andreea Cernestean is a freelance digital artist, high-end retouches and a graphic designer from Romania, Andreea Cernestean has a lot of art like painting. Andreea Cernestean had worked to change different thing, like fantasy to dark, from sci-fi to emotional and others. And today I have compiled a beautiful collection of photography artworks by Andreea Cernestean, you can help out from this wonderful artwork collection

Amazing Artistic Showcase by Russian Artist [Pervandr]

Artwork, Graphic Design, Inspiration

Today we are with a Russian artist Pervandr, and showcasing some of their excellent piece of art that belong to his professional and creative portfolio, this effort credit goes to one of our regular visitor who always love to amazing artworks and recommend specific artistic stuff for share with you all respected visitors and readers.

This kind of art always belong to imagination and skills to draw on canvas or our commuters, this selection of inspiring Graphic Artwork from a range of extremely talented artist Pervandr and also have deviantart for your more artistic inspirations, we getting so much attention because it lets an artist spontaneously express his imagination, spirits and the way he thinks

Wild Imaginary Artworks Using Paints by YDK Morimoe

Artwork, Inspiration

Imagination is part of aesthetic sense and all belong to creativity and skills, in this post we would like to talk about an incredible digital artist YDK Morimoe amazing artworks, these of all really wild imaginary artworks where we can see awe-inspiring colorful paints work, each artwork presenting a complete creative story and amazing concept attract me that’s why decide to make an roundup on some chosen master pieces from their complete artistic book.

A Japanese artist YDK Morimoe gives amazing concept of issues and moral through artwork, I am still getting answers from all below digital artworks and hopefully you all will appreciate to this artist

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