Social Media and B2B – Get Your Brand Established and Recognized

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In the first article, we overviewed the various benefits that social media can provide a B2B company. Today we are going to dive deeper into one of those benefits, getting your Brand established and recognized. For part 1, please go here. Branding is Vital Branding is as vital to growing a company as is the [&hellip

Minimal Facebook Cover Pages

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What is a minimal Facebook Cover?

A Facebook cover is a huge photo settled on the top of your Facebook Timeline. The Facebook cover page is about your details and presents your Timeline impression. If you want to give a change impression then you must have an attractive Facebook Cover Page. The photos on the Facebook cover is an amazing way to boost up your page. With such fantastic cover photos for users’ timeline they will create an attractive and exclusively appealing page to view. The Facebook cover is actually a reflection of your personality, what your likes and other interests. Facebook cover photos are just not pictures you upload to your timeline. They are business banners popular as covers that were designed particularly for Facebook Timelines. The cover photo timeline was created particularly to decorate timelines so they are not suave, dull and same the other. By selecting your required Facebook cover photo timeline you have an amazing looking page that will specifically make your page change in spite of like everyone else.

How can I get a minimal Facebook Cover?

You can get a minimal Facebook Cover easily. One can have amazing and fabulous covers from different platforms. It just caters to people who are seeking for Facebook Covers so it is the fantastic place for you to have a Facebook cover! Here are many platforms proffering millions of covers for you to choose from. The text links settled on the left side supports you discover what Facebook Cover you need from animals to inspirational quotes. Don’t spend another boring day just spend an entertaining day with a Facebook Timeline cover. Select your most desiring today and make a statement. Your visitors will appreciate and you will love presenting off the latest impression. Modify it as mostly you like and enjoy the latest expression

30 Fascinating Facebook Design Templates for Inspiration


No matter how much fame social media sites like Twitter and Google Plus have received, there is no arguing about the fact that Facebook is still the undisputed leader of the social media game. With more than 845 million monthly active users it is the first choice of companies when it comes to promoting their business. Recently the Discovery Channel aired a documentary about Facebook. To give you a feel of the size of Facebook’s user base, estimates suggest that one person in ten – on Earth –is on Facebook!

A few months back Facebook rolled out its new feature known as Facebook ‘Timeline’, which made some people upset while some others happy. Whether Timeline is better than the old Facebook page version is a matter for another article. Presently I wish to focus on the way this new Timeline profile is structured. The main change is the large banner image. It is 851 pixels long and 315 pixels wide, which suggests Facebook is focused on helping users create a more visual-driven profile. It gives you a big opportunity to display your brand pictorially – the banner image will be the first thing that people will set their eyes on when they visit your Facebook page.

To help you out, below I have collected 45 fascinating Facebook design templates for your inspiration. Actually some profiles are still using the old Facebook version and have not yet switched to Timeline therefore some templates below also pertain to the old version.

By the way, if you want some extra Facebook designs to add a branded look and feel to your Facebook page, you can crowdsource custom Facebook page designs on DesignCrowd. You can start a Facebook design contest and offer prize money for the winning design. Designers will submit their designs and you can choose the best one

Social Networking – A Magic Trick for Business Promotion

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With the passage of time we have witnessed so many changes when it comes to internet. Sometimes it gets hard to decide if these changes are for good or bad or if they have made our lives easier or difficult. Obviously, everything in this world has its own pros and cons. These days we can find innumerable freelancers and designers so establishing yourself as a new designer can get really hard at times. To be honest, marketing yourself is not an easy task. One of the major reasons why people do not opt for proper advertising and marketing is that it is really expensive. But, people are good at finding alternatives and so these designers have also fine one.

Social media is being used worldwide these days for the promotions of businesses. You have two advantages of using social mediums. Firstly, you get to promote your business without having to spend too much. Secondly, you get to socialize with your friends on n off as well. But as said earlier, social medium too has advantages and disadvantages, depending how you utilize the medium. You can make it useful or a big waste of time as well. Much like passing out your business cards, social networking is a great way to get exposure to you, your company, and your brand. A good mail hosting gives a nice impact to your website. This is also agreat option for those people or companies who try to gain customers.”

Elements of a Facebook Page for Your Design Business

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[ad#link-unit-post] One of the most popular things in today’s world is a social networking website called Facebook. Anyone and everyone is on Facebook these days and not having an account on Facebook is known to be a very strange thing. Facebook is not only a great website for interacting with your loved ones; it is [&hellip

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