Talent or Chemistry – What Should be The Criterion of Choosing an Employee

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Running a huge organization is not everyone’s cup of tea. The owner of the organization has to take a lot of risks and make difficult decisions. Finding perfect employees for the company is one of the difficult tasks that owner of the company has to perform. Now, when it comes to hiring, every employer has his own way of judging and hiring the perfect employee. It is indeed a very tough job. Apart from the fact that person should be skilled enough to fill in the position; a lot of other things need consideration. For instance, talent and personality would be an important factor in hiring. A person should be talented and he should be humble enough to get along well with other employees. Some candidates may have more experience with layouts for postcard printing while others excel at logos. Look for a candidate to best meet your needs across the board.

An employee’s personality is like a business card that can have an effect on entire team so hiring must be done really carefully. Let us take a look at a few important points that an employer should keep in mind while hiring

One Page Website – Does It Really Fulfill the Need?

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Website is the new and most common mean of advertising and business promotion. There was a time when businesses used to rely on brochures, flyers, post cards and posters etc. With Internet technology growing day by day, websites are becoming the most efficient and reliable source of business promotion. However, in this article we will particularly discuss one page websites, their usability and advantages in detail. If you’ve ever signed up for flyer printing to advertise your business, one page websites work in the same manner. You can put enough information there to grab interest.

Single page websites have become immensely popular in recent times. Such websites are a great example modern web and advancement in technology. Single page websites are all about explaining things precisely. However, designing single page websites cannot be an easy task as one has to convey a lot but in little space. If you are a good designer, you will not let your visitor suffer by creating a large document which requires scrolling down again and again. You can use CSS3 and Ajax because these are the best ways to create a single page website. Flashy websites are also considered to be single page websites but going for flashy websites is not a great idea. You should opt for HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Make Your Way to Your Client’s Heart through Efficient Client Servicing

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Gone are the days when huge businesses used to survive without proper client servicing. Earlier, people had fewer options, which is exactly why people had to bear with the tantrum thrown by the business people. However, in today’s world, with so many options available at every corner of the road, a business person cannot afford to provide a bad client servicing. If you are running a freelance web business, you have to be very careful with the services because you have a huge competition out there and you need to stand out in order to be successful. They’ll always keep your business cards handy because they know you provide great service.

As a freelancer, building a relationship with your client has to be the most important part of your job so you cannot risk your relationship with clients by providing bad client servicing to them. At times, freelancers do not get to spend so much time in providing client servicing that they end up with not so good this skill. However, sooner or later, you will have to deal with clients on daily basis so you cannot afford to have rusty customer skills. Always responding to your clients needs will create loyalty

Current Drifts and Trends in Developing a One Page Portfolio

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A portfolio is considered to be one of the most important things for a designer because portfolio is basically any designer’s first impression on his client. If you are a designer, you should be really focused on having a great portfolio so that you can make a good impression in the first go. Keeping in mind the importance of portfolios, designers are coming up with one page portfolios because clients cannot go through a huge collection of designs. Plus, you should be able to impress a client with one page portfolio. If you can do that, you are true designer.

In order to make a one page portfolio, you need to have your creativity at its best. You will have only one page to say it all and to show your designing and developing skills so you need to be very careful about what you add and what you subtract from that one page. So, designing a one page portfolio requires a few elements and a few characteristics. These can be followed to come up with a nice portfolio and since you have less space and more to say, you should be very wise with your choices. Using a one page portfolio is kind of like having a set of business cards available online. All the information a client would need is in one place

Give a Touch of Creativity to Your Resume

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It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job in a corporate world or if you are working as a freelancer. When on a job hunt, you need to standout in order to find a perfect job for yourself. Now, we all know that resume is the first impression of yours so you need to have a very impressive resume. When you are in the design field, your designing skills should not be limited to brochures, flyers, post cards or business cards only. Your creativity should do wonders with you resume and this will help you in setting your resume apart from the lot.

The first thing that you need to do is create a unique resume. Now, a unique resume does not mean that you should make a resume with too many colors or strange stuff to make it stand out. Be reasonable but still there are hundreds of ways to get creative with your resume. The main essence of your resume is in its content so you need to make sure that its main emphasis is on showing your skills, experience and also your personality. Catching an eye of the employer is something that you need to do and following article will help you in achieving your goal. Make sure the contact information on your resume matches what is shown on your printed business cards

Design Perfection – When the Blessing Becomes a Menace

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Seeking perfection is a great thing but at the same time, one has to stay realistic as well. As a designer or developer, you would want to make your website perfect free of flaws. However, trying to make things perfect requires a lot of time and it may take more time than you actually have. Even after completion of the project, there is always something that a designer thinks needs to be changed in order to make it perfect. In such a situation, you can say that designer is being unrealistic. Things can be perfect but too perfect to be true rarely happens. Trying to be too perfect is almost close to fascism.

In order to understand my statement, you need to just looks around you and find one thing which is absolutely perfect without any flaws. I can assure you that you won’t be able to find any brochure, flyer, post card, business card or any designed material completely perfect. Even if something is perfect apparently, it would have a lot of issues associated with it.

The computer through which you are reading his article might be working perfectly right now but isn’t it true that it causes a lot of issues on and off. Not only computer, pick anything from your house and you will find that nothing is perfect in this world so expecting your design to be flawless is not at all a realistic approach. Creative brochures designs are great, but you have to manage your time well. Sometimes striving for perfection which can’t be achieved will drastically reduce your profits

Don’t Just Sit There! Be A Productive Freelancer

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Freelancing – a word which has different meanings for different people. Some people consider freelancing as a very easy and convenient job. For such people it is synonymous to designing a simple brochure, flyer, postcard or a business card. However, for some, it is very difficult to survive as a freelancer. I personally think that being a freelancer is not at all an easy thing. It has its perks, but you get them by paying a price. Ordinary jobs are difficult but not as difficult as being a freelancer. The reason why people think it’s easy is because you can work from anywhere in the world. You do not have to sit in office for nine hours. Also, what can be better that being your own boss?

The simple answer to this question is nothing! You do not have to report to anyone, no one is shouting at you and you have the freedom to work at your own time. Well, it is not that easy as it may sound or appear to be. Freelancers have to face different kind of challenges and they have to fight with multiple distractions that people with a 9-5 job won’t have to deal with. Freelancers are expected to complete their work on time and if they don’t, they will lose out on a client which is very problematic for freelancers since they cannot afford to do so.

Mostly freelancers are expected to get their job done as soon as possible. If they fail to do so, it will affect their credibility. So, it is very important for a freelancer to be a productive one. In order to be a successful freelancer web or graphic designer one has to be consistent and determined. Hand your business cards out every opportunity you get

Tips to Get Better Feedback on Your Website

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Feedback – we all have read and heard this word a lot from different people with different frame of references. As the name suggests, it is the reaction of a person towards the other person’s work, product or service. Feedback is a sort of input which others give on your work. These ‘others’ may include your supervisors, co-workers, customers, clients or other people you interact with. There are different types of feedback, depending upon who is giving it and on what is it being given.

In some cases, feedback is quite formal and systematized. Such happens when feedback is given at a large scale by a good number of people. Feedback can either be a verbal comment, a written comment or just a gesture. Having a feedback gives the maker a clearer idea of how well they are doing the work and how they might improve. To receive feedback, make sure there’s a way for users to reach you. It can be a contact form or the same email address you have on printed business cards

Useful Tips for Designing a Business Website

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Gone are the days when designing a business website was one of the most difficult things to do. These days you can find a lot of information on website designing over the internet or in the books that one can easily design a business website following the instructions given. But then again, you need to think and work a lot before starting out with designing a website. In order to build a website successfully, you need to understand the basics of designing a website so that you do not end up with a mess.

Designing a website should not be taken for granted as websites are meant to represent your business and a website can either make or break an image of your brand. So, if you are thinking of designing a website, you must be very careful as it is going to be an online investment of yours. It is important for a business website to be an instant call-to-action i.e. it should motivate the visitor to take appropriate action in your business’s favor. Also, your website will create your brand’s image in people’s mind so you need to make sure that you come up with an excellent website that makes a perfect impression of your business. Create a website which you can mimic elements when printing postcards and other forms of your marketing

How to Write Must-Read Content for Your Design Blog

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As a graphic designer, you must have designed your own blog. Well, designing a blog in not the only important thing. You must give a lot of importance to the content you post on your blog. The out look of the blog has to be great as people expect a designer’s blog to be a perfect representation of his creativity, but good content on the website will make them visit your website every now and then for useful sort of information. People will visit your blog if they find something worth reading. If you have experience writing copy for brochures and other marketing pieces then you already know quality writing is critical.

As a designer, you must write blogs which can prove to be really helpful for the upcoming designers as they will visit your blog in hope of learning something new and different. You can always share your experiences with them or give them tips through your writing. Always keep in mind that you need to write must read content on your blog. This will not only help other people but it will also help you in gaining a lot of clients

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