The Phenomena of Human-to-Human Designing

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As a graphic or web designer, it is important for you to deliver an effective communication to your target audience through your creativity. In today’s world, if you want your business to survive, you must understand the importance of effective communication with your audience. Graphic and web designing is all linked with Internet as all your material is live and visible to everyone around the globe. If people are able to understand your designing, no matter which part of the world they belong to, it will be termed as a successfully done human-to-human designing.

Gone are the days when you did not have to update your website for years. Now, you have to update your website with every occasion so that you can maintain a good level of communication and understanding with the people around you. No matter you are designing a brochure, flyer, business card or a website or gaming portal, if you really want to make your communication design a success, you should build it on the two truths of human-to-human designing i.e. (a) Internet is an interactive medium and (b) the people you are interacting with are all humans.

Always keep in mind that whenever a person visits your website or goes through your print design, it should be an enjoyable experience for him and the kind of experience that will make him come back again. In other words, the basic aim of human-to-human designing is call-to-action. If you are unable to communicate your message effectively, you have failed in making an effective communication through your design and there is no success regarding human-to-human designing

A Dazzling Portfolio and All about It

Blogging, Freelance, Graphic Design, Inspiration, Portfolio, Web Design

The field of graphic designing is incomplete without a portfolio. As a graphic designer a portfolio is the most essential element of his professional life. A graphic design portfolio is basically a well-organized presentation of combination of artwork which encompasses all your best work in terms of graphics and designing. The portfolio of a graphic designer helps him/her present his talents in the best and most comprehensive way. So either you are a salaried designer seeking a job or a freelance graphic business owner looking for clients for your business, your portfolio can be your best and foremost call-to-action.

Your portfolio gives a deeper idea about the type of work and the quality you can produce. It is the best way to display your brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards and other communication material designs. So, composing a portfolio needs much thinking and insight. Elements like colors, layout, content and design etc. play significant role in determining the attractiveness of the portfolio. Putting together and showing this kind of portfolio of your graphic design work is quite a skill, and the best way to do it gets debated constantly by designers around the world. This post is a part of the world-over debate that will help you compose a good portfolio. Business cards, photo postcards, and glossy brochures should all be included in your portfolio. It allows clients to see your design skills are diverse

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