Icons: 265 Free Facebook Icons

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Facebook icons are in hot demand.  Let’s face it, Facebook is huge and growing every day.  The demand for eye catching FB icons grows day to day. Most people go to Google or Flickr to pick up and icon.  The problem is that

How to Make a favicon With Gimp the Simple Way

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Making a favicon can be a real challenge if you have no direction.  But with just a few simple steps, you can have a great favicon that brands your page and makes it easy to spot your site amongst a gallery of open tabs in someone’s browser. Favicons are typically 16 pixels by 16 pixels, [&hellip

Cool Long Shadow Icons for New Mobile App Designs


Advancement in every aspect of life is going to be increased at every moment in this techno day and every increasing development age. It is no doubt because of the growth of scientific means that make the modish man a highly qualified and full facility person. When you seriously verify this observable fact in the field of communication, you will definitely come to make out that this field has crossed the limited boundaries of the limited areas and now the people living in any region of the world get the access of all the areas of the globe within no time and without facing any trouble especially who are connected to the modern facilities these days. This fact become possible through the large numbers of modish means in which the most easily usable is some sort of hand set or Smart Phones. After checking the market, you will discover that the choice of selecting the much loved Smart Phone is very huge from which you can get the Phone that will cover all of your requirements easily.

As it is a common practice of the humans from the time of early civilization to make him a stylish personality as well as beautify all of his things in addition that’s why we are able to observe this reality that the Smart Phones are also decorated with the assistance of many resources. To perform this aim in an up to date manner, at the moment, the people are utilizing long shadow icons at the present time that gives a new look to their hand sets and give a face-lift to their phones just the way they like. This is the main reason that at present, the demand for these kinds of icons is on the top even for designing projects like the making of iPhones app icon design and other kinds of icon based tasks. I am pleased to provide you my own set of some magnificent long shadow icons with the aid of this piece of writing in which you will find Mobile App Long Shadow Icons

1350+ Free Android Apps Icons


In this mobile technology we have so many advanced techniques and features and getting updates on daily bases same as nowadays most popular mobile operating system are Android and we have hundreds of mobile phones that have built-in OS as Android so far, with regard android operating system we have further updates and all android developers always keep the related information and same as following designer who always seeks new ideas and trends toward mobile app designing. When we working on android app interface designing we mostly focus on initially app design and their call-to-action icons and according to latest trends we compile a huge collection of android theme free icons and mostly we attract through whole design of any mobile app and their user experience which based on some important elements like attractive themed icons and we helping those who still finding ideas toward android app interface designing.

These high quality android icons are not just attractive and elegant to look at through their perky and lively colors but they also notch high on usefulness. You can download free icons according to terms of use as commercial or personal, its time to optimize your mobile applications and websites because collect all possible inspiration for your mobile apps, let start download free icons now

Importance of Creative Icon Logo for a Business

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Every business has its own identity, and for this purpose logo is playing a good role, because the Logo of your business can play a good role for your business if you have a nice and attractive logo for your business all your lovers will love you through your icon. If we look towards the well-known companies who are their use a creative logo for their business like in this regard Apple is a well-known electronic company who is a manufacturer of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac and this company also has a creative logo according to the name of company. Similarly Android is also a well-known OS which was acquired by the Google and also running perfect in lots of devices, tablets and smartphones and its logo is also attractive and creative which is perfectly related to the name. So, your Logo is playing a pretty useful role for your business if you.

Now a days there is also a trend that many people are using the creative Icon for a Logo, it’s a new trend of creativity, because there are some specific fields in which creativity has a lots of importance and designing is also one of them. That’s why logo designing is also a difficult field according to a latest trend about the logo designing is the use of Icon. A fine-looking icon can prove a blessing in a disguise for your logo, that’s why today I make a plan to write an article on this hot topic which is also useful for the designers as well as the business owner. If you are a designer or a business owner you can get a dose of inspiration through the below detail which I am going to present

Icons Land – The Realm of Magnificent Icons

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Websites are based on the foundations of a virtual world. Whatever ‘seems’ good to the eyes of the viewer is termed successful. Like colors, layout and typography, icons play an important role in adding to the virtual attraction of your website. The more unique icons you use, the better it will be for your website’s [&hellip

FAQs of Logo Designing – a Designer’s Perspective

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[ad#link-unit-post] The importance of a logo for branding and brand communication is unanimous. People are exposed to way too many concepts and ideas on a daily basis to remember them all. However, only the most attractive of elements stay in our minds and a good logo can be one of these attractive elements. No matter [&hellip

75 Most Creative Free Social Media Icon Sets

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[ad#link-unit-post] We’re sharing hundreds of free social media icons for your website design needs, you can choose to download these all creative icons. we all know that social networks and social bookmarking are really important media for our websites or blogs, these can help to promote our business and news stories in world wide web. [&hellip

40 Beautiful MAC OS X and iPhone Inspired Icon Sets

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[ad#link-unit-post] We always present quality stuff for our readers and visitors, we also creating an beautiful roundup “40 Beautiful MAC OS X and iPhone Inspired Icon Sets” they are better because all listed stuff really useful and variety of different formats. Most of peoples are fan of Apple products because they always produce powerful and [&hellip

100s Diminutive Icons for Web Designing


Big extremely detailed icons make great eye candy, but small icons can be very helpful when designing websites. They are great for styling lists and philanthropic links visual flair that is eye catching and consequential. It’s remarkable what can be said visually in a 16 x 16 pixel area. In this post, you will find a large compilation of small icons that should fit most of your design needs

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