Photographs of Wall Street Global Protests from around the World

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In most of the countries there is a sad fact that wealth only rounds only in few hands and most people have spent a life full of pain. In this regard global protests against economic prejudice gripped cities over the weekend, predominantly. Unity with Spain’s “Indignant” and New York’s “Occupy Wall Street” strikers took protests over the attentiveness of wealth in the hands of a few and the worldwide economic crisis to cities from Hong Kong to Tulsa. So, in this regard I collect a picture account to make a complete sketch about those protests below you can see

Silence Beauty of Night Photography Awesome Examples

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There’s a lots of time for photography but at night you see some peace around you and that time in silence you can take photos with clear mind. After day when the sun are sun set, night come, stars come, fireworks, storms, lights and lot of more things create a great seen. You can takes it photos which have some separate satisfaction.

Here’s we have some photos which show the peace of night and most beautiful seen of night. You see and enjoy the attractive picture of night, share your comment or can drop your desired night scene below

The Impact of White Space in Photography

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Photography is a very technical thing and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, one can surely improve his photography by leaning a few and simple things. The general perception while taking a photo is that subject should be the center of attention. While taking pictures, we all try to focus on the subject that we tend to forget the importance of the things around the subject. Some people do not like a lot of space in the pictures but if you have a love for photography, you will know it for sure that this white space can have a lot of positive effects in your picture. You’ll find many photographers who have mastered white space techniques will use them in calendar printing projects where they can feature 12 different photographs.

If you want to see the difference and impact of white space, take two pictures of the same subject but one should have white space in it. If utilized well, white space can actually give a very good impact to your picture and it can make the subject more prominent and interesting. The best thing about white space is that it brings clarity in the picture which is very important for the subject to stand out. The white space also gives the viewer’s eye a nice place to rest. Photography is all about techniques and using white space in a positive way is also a technique if handled properly. You can also add text in the empty space in order to be able to convey your message. So follow the tips mentioned below in order to bring some spice to your pictures by adding some white space

Photographs – London Under Riots Looting and Violence Captured

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Now we have seen the riots in London in recent times, such as the riots in London look set to continue for a third night and to spread to other parts of the UK as well. 68 people of London were killed on the island of Utoya, who was present in a youth summer camp of the country’s left-wing Labor Party as well as eight killed by a car bomb in Oslo former Friday. Once the Muslims were considered as extremist and especially after 9/11 the world looks towards Muslims as terrorists. But now this kind of violence and extremism also prolong in the people of civilized nations as well like London Riots.

Same is the case in the Norway a christen man had made great violence and his prey was both, the christens and the Muslims as well, just because he don’t want to see the equal rights of freedom of every community. we got these photographs from different resources and the photographers got these photos to play a game with death just to make aware you about the conditions of London. Now there arose a question in the mind of all and sundry that what is the impact of this violence on Olympics, is it possible that the London Olympics was happened in their actual position to see the violence photos .So, here we have recent photo account of the destruction in London brought by some extremist

Stockfresh – Over-fresh Royalty Free Images At Your Service!

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One of the integral parts of graphic designing is the usage of stock photos in the design. Although the art of choosing the right stock photo for your design and composing it into the layout highly depends on the designer, however, the importance of the stock image itself cannot be undermined. There are thousands of websites on the Internet providing millions of stock images to the designers. However, the problem lies with the freshness and quality of the stock photos. In my quest of fresh stock images providing website, I came across StockFresh – an incredible new website providing a bundle of quality images.

As the name says, StockFresh is known amongst the designer community as a source of oven-fresh and royalty free images and vectors. Although it’s a relatively new website, Stockfresh has been a wonderful source of high quality stock photos, graphics and vectors at affordable prices, hassle-free process and a neat layout. StockFresh is a successful sequel of two incredible stock images websites stock.xchng and Stockxpert. With a current number of over 700,000 images, the best thing about StockFresh is that it keeps updating images and vectors every week

50+ Romantic Wallpapers for My Valentines Day

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Valentines day – In these life in air vibrates love. During this period shops and houses are decorated with symbols of bed – hearts, roses, plaything bears. I am sure you will create whatever hump cards for your lovers. Today we percentage more than 50+ liberate lovely and romantic valentines day wallpapers for your desktop. These wallpapers leave add artist mode to your work. All wallpapers are lofty resolutions and 100% free for download

Precious Moments of Christmas 2010 by

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In the news world is an famous and most visited resources which sharing “Beginning to look a lot like Christmas” as beautiful topic with some Precious Moments of Christmas 2010. they’re getting awesome photographs from all over the world, it is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

As you most of the peoples know in end of December Santas are arrange special appearances from different places as we shared in these unforgettable photos and the traditions of the season can be seen all over the designed trees, designed Christmas balls, the lights, beautiful shoppers and many many more with the behalf of Happy Christmas moments. We would like to share with you peoples some of great captured moments for make more smiles for your on those special moments. hope you all will like and share your personal moments here

Best Moments of Year 2010 by Time Magazine

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The best ever Photographs from professional photographers camera, these of all belong to TIME gallery which we want to share with you peoples because in these of all showcase we can see year 2010 unforgettable moments: haiti earth quake, historical flood in pakistan, afghanistan war, iraq war, from war worlds, american president, Protests in Thailand, Volcanic Eruption in Europe and america, football world from south africa, Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill into the Gulf of Mexico, Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone, Southern Sudan crises, Meth War in Mexico, Afghan Civilian Casualty, Iraq War U.S. Troop Drawdown, Remembering Hurricane Katrina, Homeless Pakistani’s from Flooding, Midterm Elections (Iraq-War Veterans) and International Mortgage Crisis all are in these beautiful captured photos

80+ Famous Photos which belong to 20th Century


We are thinking again 80+ greatest time of unforgettable black and white photos which belong to 20th century where was many times which giving acknowledge for our best future and brighter present, now time to learn from listed pictures where inspirational history with objective morals of famous personalities and about our world famous politics.

Hope you will aware with a lot of things, like famous actors, singers politicians, old living styles, A land marks, 20th century fashion, world war II with Nazis behavior, famous leaders, where present those peoples were love, and about my leader Nelson Mandela, my beloved singer Elvis Presley historical photo, hope there is informative and best thinkable stuff, so please leave your comments upon your memory which we present suddenly for you

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