The Phenomena of Usability Testing (Part 1) Importance of UT for a Winning Design

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Before launching any product, it is very important for the product owner to get it tested. Same goes for website designing. If you want your website to function properly, you should definitely understand the importance of usability testing in website designing. Your website visitors are way too busy to complaint about your website. Some of them will, however, most of them will look for another option. Just because you are not getting complaints does not mean that your website does not have any issues. The only way to make users’ inform you about your website issues is to give them an easiest way. Proper testing of any product before its launch and even afterwards is very important.

Before we get into any details, it is important for us to understand what usability testing actually is. It is basically a technique to get the product tested by users before its launch or afterwards. This is exactly why most of the companies have hired QA Engineers to perform usability testing for their website designs. Not only websites and web applications are tested, these days every product is properly tested before its launch to ensure successful usage of the product. Some companies even launch beta products for users to test and give suggestions. The suggestions can be implemented before the actual launch

Useful Ways to Start your Successful Website for Free

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With this progress that we are seeing now a day, of internet and technology people have lots of fields, now people are going to left the older and traditional businesses and start the new jobs and works. For the reason that in this flux of technology people have lots of sources of survival, and online business is also one of them. Now people want to start their online business and earning their bread through a website or a blogging and these kinds of jobs have also created some easiness in the life of a man because now lots of people are working at their home without of any problem. This progress of internet and technology there are lots of field are open for those people who want do something different and special, if you want to get your website you are on a right place because here I am going to present you some detail from where are can get the help for free, even for about the Flash website builder.

If you are inclined towards the simple method, then you have no need to look further because all the below resource are known as easy website builder, the main thing which I’d like to say that there working strategy is like all he well-known website builders like below you can see a comprehensive listing below. First of all I’ll present you about to top ten free website builders that you can see below

Web Designing: Which Blog Platform to Choose to best Showcase your Work?

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If you are a web designer and wish to grow in this community, the first thing you need is a relevant blog platform to showcase your work. Apart from gaining local assignments, you should work on bigger platforms to get noticed. This includes showcasing your work, promoting your creativity and getting assignments from major job providers. To get success in this strategy, you must choose the most relevant blog platform. Here, we would discuss some the major blogging platforms mainly aimed for aspiring web designers

It’s Time to Sell Your Designs at Your Favorite Rates

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Wouldn’t life be perfect if a designer can sell his designs at his favorite rates and get away with it as well? Yes, it would be amazing but not every designer can charge his favorite rates. As a designer are you asking for your favorite rates and getting them as well? If yes, you are lucky and if not, what are you doing wrong is something you need to find an answer for. In this article we will be discussing how a designer can charge his favorite rates and present his rates in such a way that the client cannot say no to you. When you go to sell your designs, you may also want to print them. When you do, find a company offering Next Day turnaround printing to ensure your work gets taken care of quickly

Get Amazing and Attractive Buttons for your web Page

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We can say that for technology each day is a new day and if you aren’t familiar with technology you cannot continue to exist perfectly as you want to stay alive. Technology is also a source of survival for lots of people and the designing is the very good example, people like to have a website to have an online support for their business and lots of people want deal with a private blog. In this flux of technology web designers also have a good standing they because they have designed the websites and blogs and in a web design Buttons also playing a good role.

During a process of a design, designers have to face so many things they have not an appropriate time to each and every thing, Web Buttons are seemed to be a minor thing but they are playing a good role for a web page design. Now you have a solution of to get a pretty Web Button because provides its services for this cause

High and Mighty Management in Your Design Agency

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It’s a general desire of every normal person that he always have a dream for pleasant present and better future and no doubt it’s a good thought, we should always have dream for betterment. If you are a designer then you have to do something more special because it’s a field of creativity and you always try to do something more extraordinary than before, and it’s also a field of your brain power because during the creation period of design you have to do lots of brain storming and on HTML, CSS you have no need to any another thought. There are many more examples in our daily routine life where a person tries to create his name in his field for example if we talk about a graphic designing company who presents its services in the field of printing, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets, rack cards, calendars to make its good fame. So, as a web page designer you always of try to do as good as your boss want to see in your work and if you are running a design agency then you have to work hard some more. Make sure your relationships with vendors like printing services providers and web hosting companies are strong.

Designing isn’t the everybody’s cup of tea because it’s a field of imagination and brain storming and likewise if you are running a design agency it’s moreover a hard job. We can say that there comes a position in the occupation of several Web Designers where the logical development in that career is to take on a management position. And in this article, I will contribute to a few of the lessons I have learned over these earlier period few years and these are not earth shattering facts and various of these lessons are rational. Although these are the lessons that helped me by the side of the way, and that I found myself needing to be reminded of most frequently, as I moved from team member to team leader. Below are some general ideas from my life which can prove functional for you as a team lead…

How Could be Perceived a Website’s Content

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[ad#link-unit-post] The initial purpose of the Internet was to make exchange of information easier, nowadays it remain the same but some of us seems to forgot  or just ignore it. We all appreciate the imagination of web designers who design awesome headers, stunning logos and creative backgrounds but, in most cases we land on a [&hellip

Web Typography: Just Four Steps Away from a Perfect web-safe Font

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Typography though is an old concept; however, using over the web seems to be a new idea. It was introduced to the world of web just few years before. Hence, you will see that many web designers lag behind in this area and do not consider this as an important element.

Without proper and right training on typography unlike other areas of printing and publishing, it’s difficult to master the web typography. A web page with attractive web font and good typography can certainly attract and hold readers and visitors. By following the four steps or tips of getting the right typography as discussed below, you can embark with easy to read fonts over your website

‘Client is Always Right’ Approach towards better Design Experience

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The nature of your profession does not really matter but whatever field you are in, you must have heard the phase that clients are always right. Now, this does not mean literally because they cannot be right always but at times, you have to accept whatever they are saying and do things according to their desires. If you want to have a successful business, you need to have a satisfied client and this can happen only if you treat your client in a right way.

Poor graphic designers have to face such situations quite often. Obviously, a common man won’t know graphic designing more than a designer but designers have to accommodate requests of clients into the designing which does not improve the designs in most cases. Clients also need to understand that the designers are called professional for a reason. Obviously, they have studies the minute details related to designing and they know better than you. But then again, getting rigid clients is a routine and designers, at the end of the day, have to accommodate their requests in one way or the other.To reinforce the notion that clients are always right, you could do a sticker printing campaign and stick them around the office to remind yourself.

Now, since we have convinced you that clients are supposed to be right, this does not mean that you have no right to give your ideas and suggestions to the clients. See, clients are paying you for work and it is your moral, ethical and professional responsibility to guide them properly. If they are making a stupid request, do tell them that this is going to destroy their project and try convincing them on why you think some other thing is more perfect for their project. If you really want to avoid useless arguments between you and your client, you should focus more on understanding the product and project

10 Must have Qualities of a Website to Become a Successful Brand

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In today’s internet driven era where each user is inclined to search for services and products online. It is essential to have a powerful online presence. At this juncture it becomes essential to design a website that is supportive of the products and services as well. This should not only leave good impression upon the visitors but also compel them to come again and avail the services. Not only this, in today’s world where the memory of a consumer is short lived and is continually being bombarded with various messages, it becomes essential to be able to reach out. This means that the customer must be given various reasons to visit the website and check out the products again and again.

The most important aspect of online presence is creating a relevant brand presence and strong brand image. It is more about letting others know that you exist on the World Wide Web, and the presence should be such that it leaves a deep impact. It is about design and development that serves as the structure of what is being conveyed online.

Through this article you would be given a good view about the must have top 10 qualities that a website must incorporate for successful branding. Following these given pointers you would be able to create a successful brand presence in the minds of customers. This would then lead to a good transaction, various relevant business association and even customer retention

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