Logo Design for Social Media Platforms

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Designing Logos for Social Media Platforms Logo Designs have long been a major piece of the online branding puzzle.  However, there is one factor that many logo designers are still forgetting to take into consideration.  This is the importance of making the logo work for Social Media Platforms. Every social media platform has it’s own [&hellip

7 Items of POS Equipment Retailers Can’t Do Without

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Kerr-ching! Remember that sound? Some of us do anyhow. It was the war cry of the ubiquitous cash register, sadly lamented POS equipment of the past. High street stores of today are more likely to be filled with the sound of chart music, or are eerily quiet apart from some muted beeps and the whoosh [&hellip

Responsive Premium Magento Themes

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Many eCommerce owners opt away from Magento due to it’s challenge in customization. Open Source allows Magento to be distributed for free. However not so many people can take that open source file and turn it into the beautiful store they were looking for. They find themselves spending 30 hours or more just to set [&hellip

Top Five Points to Consider When Selecting an eCommerce Website Template

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You are ready to build your eCommerce website; you have all of the product images and quality content ready to go. All you need to do to get the ball rolling is select a website template. The only problem is that there are possibly hundreds of templates that you can choose. How do you select [&hellip

Social Media and B2B – Own Google Results

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For part 1, please go here. For part 2, please go here. For part 3, please go here. In the first article, we overviewed the various benefits that social media can provide a B2B company. In the second, we explored how Social Media builds your brand. In the third, we discussed how Social links help [&hellip

Social Media and B2B – Rank your Website

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For part 1, please go here. For part 2, please go here. In the first article, we overviewed the various benefits that social media can provide a B2B company. In the second, we explored how Social Media builds your brand. Today we will explore how Social Media helps you rank your main website. Social Links [&hellip

Effective Video Development for Online Sharing in the Cloud

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Videos are becoming more popular than ever. As mobile devices grow in usage and processing speeds, video watching on mobile devices is also increasing. Not surprisingly, short videos tend to be more popular than longer ones, mainly because they load faster. People who use their mobile devices to access the Internet and watch videos typically have less time during a browsing session than a general web viewer. Effective video developers must bear the following things in mind.

Keep Videos Easy to Share

A number of businesses have started allowing followers to download their videos. The best way to do this is to make sure that the video can be easily uploaded and downloaded through cloud storage venues. With the expansion of these services, more and more people are turning to cloud storage as their video storing solution, particularly when they don’t want to download it completely on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Check your cloud storage program to see what size videos you can upload at the max. Ideally, you should strive to keep the videos at less than two minutes, if possible.

Remember You Will Not Retain Total Control

When you use cloud storage for video sharing and distribution, you have to remember that you will not retain total control of the video. As people download the video and then upload it into their own cloud storage accounts, they will be able to access it whenever you choose. This means that if you have any updates or changes to the video, you are going to have to make a general announcement about the changes and offer the new video for download. You won’t be able to fully remove the old one. But using the cloud for video sharing is a great way to increase viewing and download options. It can work for most businesses.

Be as Descriptive as Possible

If you are planning to offer multiple videos through a cloud service, then you will need to make sure that it’s easy for people to tell the videos apart. Often times, video convertors will create generic names that include a long series of characters and numerals. These types of titles do nothing to help people tell one video from another. Instead, give them clear titles with numbers to indicate the order that they should be viewed in.

The cloud has made a lot of things easier. Cloud storage can even be used to increase the effectiveness of video distribution for your business. Your first goal needs to be to keep the videos easy to share. Cloud storage is great for individuals using mobile devices who may not want to download it to their smartphones but would still like to view the video later. Remember that you will not retain total control of the video. So long as you prepare for this, it won’t be a problem. And finally, make sure that you are as descriptive in the titles as possible so that users can quickly and easily find what they need.

Theme Forest Marketplace

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Theme Forest is the King of the Hill in the world of Theme Theme Marketplaces. It has the biggest selection, diversity beyond just wordpress themes, and is home of the #1 selling wordpress theme ever, Avada.

Theme Forest is the largest

Themeforest is definitely the largest of the two stores. With 3468 wordpress themes, it boasts well over 6 times as many wordpress themes as its nearest competitor. One of the recent adjustments Theme Forest has made to allow for 100% GPL licensing has opened the road for more themes to be added to the library, including the well-known woo-themes collections. Every week, new themes are being added, and the collections only get better and better!

Theme Forest has the most templates

Themeforest is not limited to just Wordpress themes. Themeforest has site templates, PSD templates, email templates, landing page templates, CMS templates, ecommerce templates, and plugins! Well, the plugins are actually on themeforest’s sister site, codecanyon. There is a menu item on themeforest to guide you to these plugins, so it does become your one-stop shopping center for themes, templates, and plugins.

Theme Forest has the #1 Wordpress theme ever

Themeforest is the home of Avada, the #1 Selling Word Press Theme Of All Time! Avada has been sold a massive 41,004 times. It is not showing any signs of tapering off either. Just last week, it was sold 899 times, double that of Enfold – the closest competition.

What makes Avada so special? Avada is truly a premium theme, dispite it’s reasonable $55 price tag. Avada is clean, super flexible and fully responsive. Avada offers top-notch support, free lifetime updates, and frequently these updates include newly requested features from it’s users. Avada is the most easy-to use theme on the market! Avada is very intuitive and completely ready to operate out of the box. Avada was built with HTML5 & CSS3. It is not a mess of code on top of code, but a lot of thought and care went into this theme from the inside out. It is a great tool to get your website noticed! The clean design can be used for business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, or any type of website.

Check Theme Forest out

If you are a web designer, you will be like a kid in a candy store. There are so many themes and templates here, you will definitely find your needs. Theme forest is King of the Hill, and worth your time

Best Collection of Tumblr Themes – Premium Templates

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Social blogging is a factor nowadays because mostly intellectuals sharing their opinion their creative and useful blogs, in this industry some open source have influence such as wordpress, drupel, joomla and Tumblr. We recommend Tumblr for photo and personal bloggers because this platform gaining audience due to advanced features and well-designed themes. Today we have a showcase of best Tumblr themes made by professionals to make your site more prominent with custom handy tools. If you thinking to start your own blog with presentable face than go below and choose your desired premium tumblr template and initiate your blogging future

Best WordPress Cheat Sheet to be Proficient

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Blog writing is become a very popular and renown profession. Even professional people including businessmen, engineers, doctors and IT professionals write blogs to share their experiences and researches. To maintain these blogs, one of the very innovative and versatile software WordPress is working effectively. Wordpress is no doubt a perfect and remarkable blogging platform by the help of which anyone can easily customize their blogs in a very professional and attractive manner. These blogs will be spread all around the world in just few clicks and you can transfer your knowledge and information to the world within seconds by the help of wordpress. This roundup article will give you a brief review of how to operate wordpress by using cheat sheets.

WordPress is really very simple and easy to use software but its software. You have to handle it with proper technical knowledge otherwise it may spoil your work which is in the form of your content. The best way to understand the wordpress in detail are the cheat sheets. These cheat sheets are ideally design to give you proper guidance and assistance about how to operate the wordpress correctly. The cheat sheets will help you in developing your wordpress theme and plugin as well as they will also guide you about the SEO of your blogs. If you are a regular wordpress user, then you must take a look on over superb and excellent cheat-sheets which will assist you to drive your WP account in an excellent and well-maintained manner. The given cheat sheets will really help you to be an expert of wordpress. You don’t need to take any type of technical assistance from any body. Juts download the cheat sheets now and become a wordpress specialist

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