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Image Viewer

Image viewer can be defined as a computer program that has the power to display images, photos, map and other web contents with multiple zoom effects, rotations and full screen display; it gives maximal flexibility to users

Effective Responsive jQuery Text Effect Plugins

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Using jQuery responsive text effect plugins users can add amazing and unique effects to text on their system with minimal coding. Adding high quality images and photos on the website leave a very positive effect on the viewers. But huge chunks of text without images users avoid these types of web pages, approach to back button and search for more tempting visual effects. Using these plugins users can do really cool and dynamic stuff on their web pages.

Using these responsive text effects jQuery plugins users can create bold, attractive headlines on the web pages with some coding, can resize fonts with an ease, these plugins provide full control on web typography, allow users to balance measures, permits users to work on multiple elements instead of a single element. They add powerful functionality to the user’s work. Above of all this they are unique, simple and easy to use. Using these plugins users can make their text worth seeing. Here are some Responsive text effect plugins such as Slab text, Fit text, Big text, Kernings.js and more

Best Parallax Scrolling Tools and Plugins

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It was the period of the 1940’s when the Parallax technique was introduced to build an illusion of depth within a 2D video games. Rather with the passage of time it became more popular till 1980’s with the increase of arcade games. Now in these days the Parallax effect can be experienced as a part of the scrolling feature of the web page, where the background pictures and images would move slower than the center pictures. This is the most latest and popular in the web design that makes it fabulous and amazing as well. The parallax effect has been around for a moment and since users observed that readers really appreciate the technique. By using parallax to give your website some profundity and additional interest is amazing but just give up too much of it. The best parallax scrolling tools and plugins are as follows

15 Best Responsive jQuery Plugins Must Use

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jQUERY is a multi-browsing Java script library that aims to make simpler the client side scripting of HTML. jQUERY syntax helps to navigate a document, selects DOM element, great animation, creates animations and handles events and develops AJAX applications. It also has the ability to provide capabilities for developers to create PLUGINS on top of the Java script library as well. Due to the jQuery structural design the other developers can use it to create plugin code to expand its functionality.

Users can get thousands of jQuery plugins which are available on the web and these plugins perform a variety of functions. jQuery library has tremendous and huge range of plugins and developers can save time and effort by working along with these different plugins. When developers or users start digging into jQuery plugins they will find the catalogue that is simply enormous. Using these plugins developers can save production time and the plugins promote a source of learning for developers as well. Some of the jQuery Plugins are here such as Dynamic grid layout jQuery plugin, Turn. js, Page scroller, Percentage loaders and many more

Superlative WordPress Widgets and Plugins to Improve Productivity

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As you know well that WordPress (Free Open Source) is very invaluable for online business, wordpress provide a perfect platform to online business men to work hard effectively, this free open source will also help you to increase your website productivity, you can use wordpress plugins and widgets for this ambition, productivity plugins and widgets will extremely helping for you to improve your productivity.

So, in today’s post, I would like to share with you a collection of Useful and Valuable WordPress Widgets and Plugins that will improve your website productivity, to enhance your productivity use the following best widgets and pluigns on your wodpress website and work faultlessly

9 Superb jQuery Plugins To Get Better Typography

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Every person who is running the website or blog must have a desire to have most attractive theme design, for this purpose designers are playing good role. Web page designing is field which is now most popular, so a web designer can also make use of many techniques to draw a best web design. Typography is also one of them, because using it you can easily enhance the look and feel of a web design, jQuery plugins can also prove useful for enhancing the typography. Basically jQuery is a multi-browser JavaScript library which is designed to make simpler the class of computer programs on the web scripting of HTML.

Now you can also jQuery easy plugins for improvements of the typography, because the below list is all about that, today I have collected some jQuery plugins to improve typography. So, using these plugins you can enhance the typography and also able to add awesome effects to make them more highly developed and attractive

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