8 Best Windows 8 Apps for Designers

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You cannot ignore the charm, user interface and dominance of New Microsoft operating system windows 8 great rushes of apps on windows 8 app store day by day. In this post we only focusing windows 8 designer apps, these apps are aimed for the web and graphic designers who want to keep a balance between their profession and their desire to work perfectly. Below are the applications for the beginner and expert designers which would let them realized how wonderfully they can work and perform in their practical lives using win8. These of all related applications will enhance your designing skills and off course productivity toward timely delivery of your design assignments

40 Awesome Free and Premium WordPress Magazine Themes

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WordPress is an amazing open source for everyone specially if you are blogger and need something more related to handle your blog post and search engine optimization than wordpress is much better than any other open source and there are lot of helping plugins to get more access and control on your blog, personal and ecommerce websites because we have numerous wordpress themes to work professionally.

For better your blogging business we have attractive wordpress magazine themes with new trends and techniques such as responsive wordpress themes because as per search engine algorithm we should launch our website as smartphone and tablet browsers compatible to get maximum visitors, while we were searching free and premium magazine style themes we only focus on requirements and creative user experience (UI) with advanced features for grab attentions of your respective website visitors, so go below and choose from best 40 wordpress magazine themes because we care about our audience requirements and modern blogging trends, enjoy

30 Interactive Flash Video Players

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Our modish world is furnished with a lot of new advancement and tremendous technologies in conjunction with a vast virtual universe of internet. You have certainly observed that almost every web page contains some kinds of video contents which are played through any type of flash player. From the word of flash player, we mean any container file format which can be utilized to deliver the video in anywhere on internet and it is basically grounded on any Adobe Photoshop versions above than 5. In this day and age, the contents of flash video are sometimes embedded with the files of SWF.

The importance of flash videos is vital and hence that is the basic reason that every creative web designer is in a search of any magnificent flash video player that can be helpful for his precious assignment. For this purpose, I would like to provide you a complete and comprehensive list of mind blowing flash video players especially for the assistance of artistic web designers in this elite round up which are all up to the minute and perform all the functions which the top graphic designer may demand. Furnish your web site with these outstanding flash players with proud and show them to your professional community to help them as well. I am waiting for your precious comments and suggestions

40 Attention Provoking Flash Facebook Pages

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Flash is a vector graphic simulation mechanism which is very advanced now a days and this technology is nearly used in every kind of websites that you visit on the internet. Almost every browser equipped with the essential plug-ins to run the flash animation. Flash animation is basically a visual effect in which you are able to see different pictures, images, and Photos as well as words moving around in a given area. Macromedia introduced this awesome, stylish and eye catching software which is more advance and easily convertible according to the needs of the programmes.

As this technology is used in every website to make it beautiful and attractive to and visitor’s facebook has also flash fan pages which make magnetism to its users. Facebook is also used for advertisement purposes and thanks to Flash technology which made it easy to attract the customer from every corner of the world. Facebook played a vital role in the advancement of the businesses of those who advertise their ads on facebook pages.

Here is the detail of 40 consideration aggravating flash facebook pages in the form of creative templates that I am glad to share it in this round up. Show these outstanding templates to your professional community and friends to make them amazed

Speeding Up the Websites Using WordPress Plugins

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Those who are users of word press for publish purposes and who want to speed up the websites; they can use caching for the purpose. Users will be impressed if the speed of your web page is good. So, speed is an important matter. You have to work on it.

Caching works by generating copies of your web page and thus storing in the servers in the form of a statistical file. Moreover, when a user visits the page, the servers will provide them with cached pages instead of tracking the database and then generating. This system speeds up the responsiveness of your web page.

Word press plugins are the best way to speed up the website if you are word press user. There are many wordpress plugins that you can use for this purpose. If you would like to check out more plugins not listed in this post, check out the premium selection available at WPMUDEV

Best Shopping Resources To Make Your Life Trouble-Free

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It seems that in this age of technology online business has become an interesting profession, a lot of people own an online business now-a-days because it’s bit easier for both buyer and seller, you can get anything you want without visiting any store even you can get all your purchased things delivered at your door step too, all you need is a better merchant account that needs to be used for online payments: one useful resource to answer your questions is bettermerchantaccounts.com.

Some people think that festive season can’t be celebrated without better deals, of course many online businessmen are very careful about you and offering a lot of attention-getting deals, here we have gathered some of best online shopping resources to make your life really easier, take a glance below

Unique 404 Not Found Premium Design Resources


When someone is using the internet, he might get the error while browsing. The error is called 404 or not found which means that the address where the person is trying to reach is either not available or not reachable. It is a HTTP standard response code which is the indication that the person is able to communicate with the server but the server is failed to find what he is requested for. That means your internet connection is OK and is able to connect to internet but the address where you are attempting to touch has some kind of problem. This 404 error may be seen very often on internet when a person follows a lifeless, dead or wrecked link.

You may also observe an error massage of “Server Not Found” or error with the similar meaning on internet frequently but that kinds of error should never be confused with the 404 error or not found error because “Server Not Found” error represents that there is some type of problem with your internet connection that’s why the connection to the destination server cannot be established. A website which is showing a 404 error might be available in future and you will get the access of that address in upcoming days. There is a very common trend of the websites that they present this 404 error page in a unique, charming and attractive ways that their viewers will not become bore. For this reason, web designers are employed to turn these 404 or not found from old and orthodox view into an outstanding, mind blowing and wonderful look.

For the help of the web designer to convert 404 error messages into their desired appearance, here in this article, I am presenting you a collection of design resources for making creative 404 errors with the name of Unique 404 Not Found Premium Design Resources. These exclusive 404 error design resources are brand new as well as unique that no one has ever seen them before that’s why they will make a wonderful impression on the viewer. Make 404 error pages with these design resources for your precious website to entertain your viewer whenever they are unable to get you

40 Best WordPress Grid Themes

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If you are a web designer, you are always in a need of a lot of software for making your projects; one of them is a tool of WordPress. It is an instrument and a content management system (CMS) which is used for open and free source blogging. It is based on MySQL and PHP. The features of WordPress include template system and plug in architecture. It is the most well-known, popular and famous blogging system among all the systems which are experimented on internet. In the statistics of August 2011, WordPress was used by over 16.7% of Alexa internet and covers 22% of all newly creating websites.

WordPress is also used in installing themes and has the capacity to add theme folders through FTP. For the lovers of themes, WordPress Grid themes are going to get more and more popularity day by day. Nowadays, Grid based layout design is in practiced which is very useful for creating building type structure. It is very helpful for developers as it is easy for them to plan whether a thing should go.

On the contrary, if you are a user or reader or both, you may quickly search, understand and locate the content you want and the best navigation facility if the site is using WordPress Grid. In this article, you will discover Best WordPress Grid Themes which is made and developed with grid framework. Most common, outstanding, excellent, famous and popular CSS Grid Frameworks for example YUI2, The Golden Grid, 960.gs and Blueprint are used in this collection to make sure that your requirements should be fulfilled in such a way that you and your users will not only able to search and navigate to the desire content, it also provides them the best and finest view so that your theme will be perfect in all respects. Share it with your love ones and inform us any suggestions or complaints regarding this article thanks

20+ Best Collection of Bootstrap Skin

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Bootstrap is a specific code styling for websites that works miraculously for iOS devices and gadgets. These skins are simple basic and yet creative designs that help your web page add come color and customize it according to your desired look; they give CSS a chance to make amazing and appealing code styling. Every web page has a distinct look and a specific ‘feel’ to it; and ever web page owner wants his / her website to look attractive enough to reach out to more viewer and browsers. For that reason, Bootstrap skins exist that give you an array of different themes and colors you may apply on your web page to enhance its appearance. We have a vast collection of these Bootstrap Skins that you may see for yourself

Best Opera Browser Add-ons


There is fairly and assorted collection of browsers that are now in exercise by different users- Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera are the most well-known. However, beyond all these Opera is the single browser that is recognized for its inventive Add-ons that may be functional and entertaining to use all at once. Not only to computer users have the ability to us this browser but even mobile users may install the Mini Opera software

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