3 Plugins To Make Your WordPress Website Responsive

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Mobile internet users continue to grow every day. Results of Monetate Q1 2013 Ecommerce Quarterly revealed that mobile and tablet devices now share almost 25% internet visits to large e-commerce websites.

Internet shopping through smartphones and tablets is also on the rise. Internet Retailer cites comScore Inc.’s new report titled ‘State of the U.S. Online Retail Economy’ that shows online retail increased from 17.1 billion in February 2010 to 34.9 billion in February 2013, a 104% increase. What was interesting is that most of the increase was due to mobile devices. Online retail on smartphones grew from 2.7 billion to 12.9 billion, a staggering increase of 385%.

With so many people now relying on smartphones and tablets to visit websites, it’s important that you carter your WordPress website to different displays, otherwise you’ll be missing out on a major chunk of traffic and revenue

Boost the Functionality of WordPress Using Plugins

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Satisfaction has many definitions, based on different individuals. For so many individuals, pleasure is something which can provide them with a sensation of obtaining things which they are enthusiastic about. Here we are referring to treats which are acquired from enjoyment. And the most occurring and hot thing which comes to our mind hearing the phrase enjoyment, is the functionality of WordPress using Plugin. There are many methods to directly get more visitors to your website, but there are even more indirect methods to give your website visitors a significant boost. Using the best wordpress plugins listed below, you can automate the process of utilizing some of the best web-log visitors building opportunities available through SEO, public bookmark management and public media. There’s even a tool “WebsiteDefender WordPress Security” to help you secure your website.
Our selected wordpress plugins are new and old for enhance your website experience at backend and front-end. These innovations, that you are about to discover, contain several media files, SEO management, all format document viewer, flip image gallery, CSV importer, image slider plugin, facepage promoter and improvement of your website cache. The trend of using this useful wordpress plugins is among the most popular and ever improving the globe observe. So here you go, just browse and enjoy the best ever selection and get better experience of your wordpress websites

Speeding Up the Websites Using WordPress Plugins

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Those who are users of word press for publish purposes and who want to speed up the websites; they can use caching for the purpose. Users will be impressed if the speed of your web page is good. So, speed is an important matter. You have to work on it.

Caching works by generating copies of your web page and thus storing in the servers in the form of a statistical file. Moreover, when a user visits the page, the servers will provide them with cached pages instead of tracking the database and then generating. This system speeds up the responsiveness of your web page.

Word press plugins are the best way to speed up the website if you are word press user. There are many wordpress plugins that you can use for this purpose. If you would like to check out more plugins not listed in this post, check out the premium selection available at WPMUDEV

Superb Twitter Plugins for WordPress Users

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By this increasing usage of internet and technology we can see lots of inventions and innovations because some professionals are always seem busy to invent something new. In this regard social media platforms are playing most important role in almost every department and field, among all social media platforms Twitter is also one of them. And today I am also going to share something important regarding Twitter, actually I am going to share some more valuable Twitter plugins for WordPress. Because WordPress is a well-known CMS and there are many people around the world using this, and you can also get the more possible benefits from Twitter.

Among all online businesses Twitter sis consider a wonderful way to attract visitors, basically Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that allows to its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters. And the below gallery for wordpress plugin you can see a fantastic stuff regarding Twitter because I just pick these Twitter plugins which has a great worth and can prove more useful than others

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