SEO: Web Developer Cheat Sheet for 2014

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SEO is always a subject of debate. Regardless, search engine optimization is a must for all web developers. While there is a lot of controversy in the off-page optimization, website developers can follow some very important SEO code and best practices to make sure their products have proper in-page SEO. MOZ has developed and distributes [&hellip

Theme Forest Marketplace

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Theme Forest is the King of the Hill in the world of Theme Theme Marketplaces. It has the biggest selection, diversity beyond just wordpress themes, and is home of the #1 selling wordpress theme ever, Avada.

Theme Forest is the largest

Themeforest is definitely the largest of the two stores. With 3468 wordpress themes, it boasts well over 6 times as many wordpress themes as its nearest competitor. One of the recent adjustments Theme Forest has made to allow for 100% GPL licensing has opened the road for more themes to be added to the library, including the well-known woo-themes collections. Every week, new themes are being added, and the collections only get better and better!

Theme Forest has the most templates

Themeforest is not limited to just Wordpress themes. Themeforest has site templates, PSD templates, email templates, landing page templates, CMS templates, ecommerce templates, and plugins! Well, the plugins are actually on themeforest’s sister site, codecanyon. There is a menu item on themeforest to guide you to these plugins, so it does become your one-stop shopping center for themes, templates, and plugins.

Theme Forest has the #1 Wordpress theme ever

Themeforest is the home of Avada, the #1 Selling Word Press Theme Of All Time! Avada has been sold a massive 41,004 times. It is not showing any signs of tapering off either. Just last week, it was sold 899 times, double that of Enfold – the closest competition.

What makes Avada so special? Avada is truly a premium theme, dispite it’s reasonable $55 price tag. Avada is clean, super flexible and fully responsive. Avada offers top-notch support, free lifetime updates, and frequently these updates include newly requested features from it’s users. Avada is the most easy-to use theme on the market! Avada is very intuitive and completely ready to operate out of the box. Avada was built with HTML5 & CSS3. It is not a mess of code on top of code, but a lot of thought and care went into this theme from the inside out. It is a great tool to get your website noticed! The clean design can be used for business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, or any type of website.

Check Theme Forest out

If you are a web designer, you will be like a kid in a candy store. There are so many themes and templates here, you will definitely find your needs. Theme forest is King of the Hill, and worth your time

Incorporate IM Features into Your Web Design

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Communication with your customers is a key element for an effective eCommerce store platform. The faster the communication is the better. In many cases, it isn’t even negotiable. According to a recent study completed by Convince and Convert, over 66 percent of customers expect to get responses to their complaints and questions within a single [&hellip

Creepy Halloween fonts for web and graphic designs


The practice of writing is the part and parcel of every human being especially who are linked to the modern areas of the globe. You can verify this fact from the early civilization too which makes us able to get the saved data that’s why the people has used and still utilizing this methodology. This trend has given a remarkable boost in the process of development and this is the main cause that the public like to write down all the important content for the sake of saving and using it in the future even today. The habit of writing in the stylish manner among the people is very good for the prime reason that it aid the users not only in the process of reading the data in an easy and understandable mode but assist in the achievement of the target of taking into custody the attention of the viewer in their very first glance. The era, in which we live these days, the writing through the way of pen and paper is going to be decreased because of the ever increasing usage of virtually based writings.

This procedure can be done by the utilization of art of typography and various types of stylish fonts are used in many professional fields just like the Print Media and some sort of advertisement in the form of eye catching posters or other kind of modish ads that include written material. Even the huge world of internet can never be built if this exclusive art was not utilized in the designing of websites and this use can be confirmed through the reality that every web page is made by one or more creative fonts. This rising trend leads to the ever increasing demand of fresh fonts in the market and the creative designer welcome them with the warm handedly. As the event of Halloween is coming in a short hence the professional designers are looking to acquire free Halloween fonts in the perfect completion of Halloween graphic design just the way they like

Cool t-shirt logo design

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You know that from the beginning era of the human civilization when he became able to understand the rules and regulation of livings, the practice of wearing cloths had been established among the people. In the starting days, this practice was only secluded to the main purpose of covering the body parts to avoid state of undress and get protection from the attack of harmful animals and insects but when the time passed, different kinds of dresses was introduced for the sake of looking elegantly and get the impression of loveliness from their love ones and general public. To bring about this task, the fashion of various types of outfits is running till today in which many of them become obsolete but the one which was not new but likes even in the present times is the wearing of T-Shirts among the people of every gender and it is not isolated to the any age group at all.

In the present going era, we are able to observe various types of T-Shirts in the market which include, sleeveless, half sleeve, sleeveless, collar, without collar, with buttons, without button and so many others in different stylish looking colors. The main intention of usages of T-Shirts consist of wearing cloths and represent you in a fashionable mode but it includes some business utilization as well in the form of logo designing of the business entities on the T-Shirts. The practice of utilizing logo’s in the making of T-Shirts is very common these days as when you check the sports matches like Cricket, you will come to know that the big business bodies provide the T-Shirts which contain the name of the company along with its Logo for the prime purpose of advertising themselves

Inspiring Brochure Design Showcase for every Business

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The business activities these days have crossed the limited boundaries of the local markets. The main reason behind the philosophy of vast spreading businesses is the great developments in every sector of the economy and others which has made our planet a global village. This is the basic reason that the owner or directors of every company are facing huge competition from their competitors and to combat this problem, they have to think about using any kind of marketing approach through which they are able to capture the attention of their target community. It is a matter of fact that the approaches of advertisements are countless for the intention of giving awareness to the people for the products and services. Nowadays, in the same reference, the utilization of stylish and marvelous looking brochures is going to be popular because of its effectiveness even though the usage of brochures is not new in the field of publicizing anything.

Any paper like material that can have more than one good looking pages can be used as brochures but it should have the complete and comprehensive knowledge of the company and their Goods and Services. The brochures which we observe recently are mostly wasted even without reading by their receiver which is not the expected action for its senders. It is due to the practice of making the traditional, dull and non attractive brochure designs. It is the main motive that the business entities are always searching for the exclusive designs of brochures from which their designers can take useful inspiration and get the job done just the way they like. In the similar context, you will discover an outstanding collection of Inspiring Brochure Design Showcase in this round up in which I have inserted 40 eye catching brochure designs

Exciting Font Logo Designs an Inspirational Dose

Logo Designs

When we compare our recent times with the traditional era, we come to know that our home planet has become a global village nowadays and the business activities have been spread at every corner of the world. There are a large numbers of business terms has been invented in order to distinguish each and every business entity from others which include the name and brand of the company.

The habit of the shopping is primary depends on the Company’s name as you are able to see that in every market if it is situated in the advanced areas of the world, the people like to check the Logo of their beloved Company just before selecting their desired thing and in order to get the thing of their demand. This is the main fact that the Companies like to establish eye catching Logo’s for the basic intention of capturing the attention of their customers when they are trying to buy something in the huge bundle of things. The Logo of the company ensures them that they are purchasing the quality thing just according to their wish because Logo of any company is the identification mark that is when placed on a thing, represents that company

The Best Business Card Designs

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Long gone the days when you simply passed over a white notepad with your name and contact details on it to prospective customers. These days, whom do you think customers will call first, the guy with his name on cards or this other one with her name etched in this vibrant nasty wonder? And what exactly is that? Business card designs act as the little magnifier and an example of the product. This is too excellent to be true! it’s yet another opportunity to come up with new suggestions to present business details or market themselves, and it’s also very excellent information to everyone else, since having fashionable, wonderful business cards, this is fantastic way to show your profession, company, product, services and support.

They may seem like artifacts or scraps from past years that didn’t give two figs about the surroundings or contemporary company methods. They can provide as a new contact or customer’s first look at your company, as well as an indication that remains with them long after you have remaining the building. For visiting card design concepts, we have drawn together numerous card design ideas that separated itself among the arena, along with reasons why they work or not. Hope you will like and prefer these new business cards showcase for your new and redesigns

Professional and Responsive Under Construction Templates

Website Designs

Getting your web page even when your websites are still being developed is an excellent internet marketing technique. This is actually not a challenge if you use a function wealthy under development design or a arriving soon designs. As the name indicates, these layouts can give your guests a wise decision about what to anticipate and make curiousness so that they will check out again when you are prepared. To provide its objective, an under development design normally has an invites for publication registration, public networking symbols, a chart or a mathematical amount displaying the part finished and the predicted accessibility to the site.

Aside from displaying the releasing of a web page, an under construction responsive design can also be used if your web page is down for some servicing work. I do not have to tell you that you need to make you are coming soon website eye-catching, interesting or crazy. This way your guests will maintain their connection with you. In the process of developing an effective website design, you might also discover WordPress plugins and styles developed for WordPress particularly useful. In this content, you will discover a selection of exclusive, innovative, fashionable and efficient premium under construction templates layouts. I also have added some free website templates here, so that you can have an under development design right away without spending a cent

Creative Showcase of Green Theme Logo Designs

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If you are a logo designer and you need to reap the best creative skills out of your intellect, then this post would be helping you quite a lot. Designing a creative logo can be a tricky job to do, especially if you are in a learning process of the art. We have created this post especially for those designers who want to develop their innovative sense through inspiration of various techniques and themes used by professionals. The logos which are shown here in this post are based on the green theme. The green logos are represented for fresh and cool ideas. The color itself signifies with nature, health and freshness which create the flourishing ambiance.

There is no need to express that green has been a symbol for relaxing the nerves and clearing the mind with prosperity. The well-being of the soul and mind is the significant element used in creating brand awareness. Human mind has been designed in such a way that it receives and remembers more from visual effects and ideas. Using this technique, the branding or logo designing can be made really effective. Thus, this post is based on the shades of green along with many color derivatives to bring life in the creative concepts of brands.

These logos are generally more acceptable or suitable with firms dealing with ecology or environment reservations. However, they can also be creatively utilized for ideas depicting different functions of various organizations, it’s all about perception and innovation. The following ideas will give you adequate inspiration to create your own fresh green concepts based on the fresh theme of green. You can utilize the way they have been created and recreate them into your own unique way. The designers who have created them have done a great job in depicting the real essence of the green color

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