30+ Best Adobe Fireworks Tutorials of 2012

Adobe Fireworks, Tutorials

Adobe Fireworks has emerged as an industry leading tool for prototyping and creating unique website designs because of its several exceptional features and the ease of use that it offers. This tool is comparatively easier than using Photoshop and offers a huge range of design possibilities that many may not be aware of. People who are more accustomed to using Photoshop in each phase of website creation will find this tutorial really very helpful. The resources gathered here will help you understand the power and advantages of using this application.

Fireworks is loved by the designers for its amazing rapid prototyping abilities, which help visualize and create web pages at extremely fast paces. The application uses the native PNG format so that the layered file sizes are not too heavy and this is the reason why your creatively built web pages would load faster. Moreover, it will allow you to export codes very fast and which will enable you to seek your client’s feedback at each phase of the designing process. With its amazingly fast exporting ability and the image optimization features, it can help you to win your client’s appreciation with your exceptional designing abilities.

In fact, Adobe Fireworks has become a favorable tool for most of the web designers who work today on large corporate websites. The tool is also getting very popular among information architects and there are several reasons behind it

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