Learn How to Create Custom Photoshop Brushes – 30 Brush Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop, Tutorials

Photoshop is one of most well-liked application software to design anything you want as it support both vector-base design and raster-base designs. However it doesn’t pack everything you need to use in your design and this is the reason a lot of people love to invent third-party elements to use in various designs, the summer season is just around the corner where people love to celebrate so many events with different posters, cards, tee shirts, etc. Even most of us prefer Tee Shirts than casual shirts, in order to design a T-Shirt, website header, website footer, facebook timeline, twitter background, wordpress theme designs or anything else you want to more realistic and catchy, you need third party elements for your designs such as pattern, brushes, gradients and more. How to create a third party custom Photoshop element?

Here we have collected thirty of best tutorials that guides you how to create custom Photoshop Brushes

How to Handle WordPress Hosting Issues – WordPress Hosting Tutorials

Tutorials, WordPress

If you take a look at some past years, you’ll defiantly will able to prove that hosting of web apps is very difficult job, there are many issues you may face during the hosting proves of WordPress like how you can store web apps in cloud storage’s easily or how to develop simultaneously several WordPress sites for different clients, how to sort out web hosting issues, and so on. Even some time you feel that your blog speed is a bit slow, so you should also acquire some wordpress techniques to get rid of it.

In order to get rid of WordPress hosting issues, we have listed some of best hosing techniques like how can you speed up your blog or just development. It’s all about tips and tricks to handle WordPress hosting problems

Amazing Vector Effects Tutorials

Tutorials, Vectors

To initiate a new graphic design is a dilemma for every graphic and web designer and to get out of this trouble, the usage of creative vector graphics is a very common practice at the present time of innovation and high progression. It is not the new approach as you may observe the utilization of vector graphics in the 2 dimensional games of computer near the beginning of the computer era which are developed with the help of vector graphics. In our modern times, the utilization of vector graphics can be seen just about all the web pages that are available on the vast universe of internet in the form of some sort of geometrical primitives just like curve shapes, polygon and may be point which may be show some mathematical expressions for example arrows or you can see them in any image or photo format as well.

If we look into the popularity and usage of vector graphics in this technological day and age then we become amazed to identify that almost each and every web page is furnished with some sort of creative vectors and that is the basic motive that the professional designers are coming in this field very frequently. To providing any kind of charming vector effect, the requirement of a number of outstanding tutorials or technical knowledge lessons is the prerequisite of starting any professional project and in this regard, I am very pleased to provide you a number of Amazing Vector Effects Tutorials through this round up in which I ensure you that any person whether he is a professional graphic designer or a new comer who do not have the prior knowledge of vector designing get useful info and technical data to create marvelous vector effects in an uncomplicated, reasonable and logical manner.

Have the full benefit of these unique tutorials to make a professional vector design assignment just as your officials may demand and feel free to advise them to your professional community and co-workers to give them this new ideology

Creative Coding Tutorials for get Better WordPress Experience

Tutorials, WordPress

If you are interested to initiate a new project online and you are in a hunt for an exclusive system for the management of content then you should check and apply the services of WordPress at least once for the prime reason that WordPress is a marvelous tool which you can access free of cost that provide you fabulous open source blog facility which is powered by both the technologies of PHP and MySQL that can be utilize in the preparation of any online based tasks. It is well equipped with helpful plug-ins to provide you the additional functions and more useful features that may be demanded by any person for the exclusive achievement of his valuable assignments.

You happen to be amazed to know that there are so many uncountable websites are functional and working with the help of the outstanding services of WordPress and its fame is increasing at a noticeable way and that’s why in conjunction to the popularity of WordPress the creative designers are also joining this field and the vast universe of internet is furnished with the unique and remarkable services of creative WordPress designers but you know it is a mater of fact that no one is perfect in this world and all of us are always in a need of some sot of guideline and exclusive techniques which will help us to sharpened our skills and gives us the up to date knowledge.

To give useful assistance to artistic WordPress designers, I have organized a collection of Creative Coding Tutorials to get Better WordPress Experience which you will find through this article. These marvelous coding techniques of WordPress are designed and produced in such an amazing way that they are useful for the existing working designers as well as the person who is a lay man and do not know the basic knowledge of WordPress in addition. Take the full advantage of these marvelous tutorials to finish your WordPress tasks in an outstanding manner and share them to your office friends and professional community to give them this new ideology as well

How to Create Vector Buttons, Icons, Logos and Badges Using Tutorials

Tutorials, Vectors

Our techno world of graphic designing is not completed if we ignore the functionality of vector based graphics. From the term of vector, we mean to say that any primitives in the form of geometrical shapes which may be composed of curves, polygon or points and it can be expressed some mathematical expressions such as arrows or it might be comprised of gorgeous photo or inspiring images which are capable to be utilized in the field of up to date graphics and advanced web designing. The modern world of technology and new innovations is well furnished with eye catching vectors and the utilization of vectors can be seen on web pages where they serve as control point to give you guideline for the objective of going one place to another.

The usage of creative vectors is essential and that is the prime cause that the artistic web designers are always hunting to acquire some kinds of useful solutions to help them out of the trouble which they might facing while trying to complete their task. Every person who is connected to the current techno world knows that the best way to learn anything is to watch or read out its helping tutorials for the reason that they will provide the material which you may need and that’s the fact that I would like to share some outstanding vector tutorials related to the vector designing which are one of its types and up to the mark to give you all the useful info to create vector buttons, Icons, Logos and badges with the help of this elite round up.

The fabulous tutorials which you will obtain from this set are created and designed marvelously by keeping a keen eye on the fact that they should help not only the professional vector designers but a lay man also able to get useful inspiration from them effectively for the basic reason that these unique tutorials are well checked by a team consist of expert designers. Design your projects with the assistance of these fantastic tutorials to make attractive logos for your companies or other stuff and give this idea to your friends or any demanded persons to lend a helping hand to them as well

Tips and Tricks of WordPress as Business Perspective

Tutorials, WordPress

If you are going to start any task online and you are in a need of any outstanding and functional content management system that must be royalty free then you should try the remarkable services of WordPress at least once. On the whole, it is a free of cost open source blogging tool and a perfect system of content management that is based on PHP together with MySQL. The technology of WordPress may be utilized near about all kinds of online jobs as it is well equipped of wonderful tools for the reason that immense and useful set of plug ins are attachable with it which are much more capable to enhance the functionality and features of WordPress in such an outstanding manner that it can provide the useful services just according to your desire and professional requirements.

As far as the usage and popularity of WordPress is concern, you may observe that a very large number of websites currently operational on the world of internet are made and designed with the help of WordPress and that’s why in the same manner, if someone is trying to make any kind of online business activity then in that case, the free blogging services of WordPress can entertain him in an terrific way but you know that most of us are not capable of acquiring the services of the remarkable WordPress designers as they are very expansive. To avoid this crucial problem, in this piece of writing, I would like to present you an amazing but useful collection of practical tips and tricks of WordPress exclusively designed and developed in the prospect of business.

These creative tutorials gives you marvelous way outs of using WordPress are especially made for the field of online activities of businesses that you will acquire in this set which are concise, brief but complete in nature because they are perfectly made and produced with the help of professional designers so that they should be useful not only for the already operational WordPress designer but a lay man is also able to take inspiration from them in a very straightforward and understandable manner. Now, you can get stimulations and ideas from these excellent tutorials related to WordPress exclusively made for business prospective and you can show them to others to aid them as well

40 Best InDesign Tutorials

Adobe InDesign, Tutorials

Desktop publishing is much easier and stylish as compare to the traditional era. It is due to the outstanding services of Adobe with the help of its marvelous software known as Indesign. It is the top option available for print media jobs which is accessible for the both the users of Microsoft and Mac OS X. The working of Adobe InDesign is furnished with stylish page layouts to print many things such as posters, magazines, newspapers, books, flyers and so on. Adobe InDesign is capable to make the best combination of creative fonts and modern methods of printing and is very useful for anyone including small or large businesses, individuals and other kinds of organizations for the objective of printing a huge amount of material effortlessly and efficiently.

Utilization of InDesign can be demanded by anyone but mainly it focused on top graphic designers workings and print media requirements that make it as market software and almost all the latest projects associated to print media is furnished with InDesign. This will make each creative designer to apply this stunning software in all of his projects related to print media but to learn this amazing software is a dilemma that can only be resolved with some sort of useful and helping tutorials.

For the assistance of the top print media designers, I would like to share my own fabulous collection of 40 best InDesign tutorials in this roundly exclusively developed for InDesign as a perfect present of Valentine’s Day. You will be happy to know that these excellent tutorials are able to help the professional designers as well as the persons who are very new to this field as this brief but complete collection is made by Photoshop experts and highly qualified graphic designers for the basic task of providing you all the ideal tutorials of InDesign only in one place.

Take your valuable assignment to the finishing point with confidence and in a perfect way through the utilizing of these top tutorials. I am waiting for your experiences obtained while using these InDesign tutorials and creative suggestions

30 Amazing Pixelmator Tutorials


MAC operating system X is an operating system series which is principally based on graphical user interface that is made, designed and presented by Apple Inc. The user of Mac OS X is always searching for unique and outstanding software for their device and one of them is Pixelmator. It is graphic editor software which is especially designed and developed for Mac OS X by Pixelmator Team Ltd that is based on two technologies of open source and Mac OS X. There are a lot of features of this mind blowing software of Pixelmator such as means for the correction of colors, the facility of editing for layered based images, image processing on the basis of the power of GPU, navigation, painting, automation, retouching and an outstanding feature for the objective to enter the user interface facility in the form of a transparent head display for the work with image that make this software the ultimate choice for graphic editing for Mac OS X.

There are two technologies (OpenGL & Core image) are fully compatible with Mac OS X due to the usage of the own video card of Mac for the processing of image. It is the first and the leading commercial image editing program which is completely supported to WebP image format on Mac but as you know that every software require a training session for the beginners and the expert are always looking for the brand new and fantastic techniques to complete their projects in easy and effective way and for this purpose, the tutorials are frequently used.

In this manner, you can see 30 Amazing Pixelmator Tutorials in this round up. These creative tutorials are made, produced and designed with the help of the specialists of Pixelmator who ensured that they should be equally useful for a lay man and the old users of the Pixelmator software. Make your assignments with the help of these inspiring tutorials and share them to your fellows as well to give them new software of Mac OS

35 Creative and Sleek Website Design Tutorials Using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, Tutorials

Website (also known as web site or simply site) is a set of documents or resources which are able to be viewed on internet or suitable to WWW (World Wide Web). Also, it should be accessible through a web browser and must be able to be displayed on monitor, mobile screens LCDs or LEDs. These web pages are usually in XHTML or HTML format, and are interlinked to other web pages through hypertext links. There are a lot of contents which a web site may contain just like audio, video, photos and text.

There is ever increasing demand of websites to publish something, to advertise something, to give or take information, to display videos and images, for social networks and many other purposes. That’s why the making revamp of the old web sites is always a job to do for web masters and designers. Website builders, web masters and website designers are always looking for the new ideas to create a website. To achieve the target of making websites, here you will get the top and Sleek Website Design Tutorials Using Photoshop.

The use of Adobe Photoshop in building a website is very common now-a-days. This collection of website design is especially made produced and published with the use of Adobe Photoshop to enables you to make, place and enhance your selected photos in such a manner that your web site becomes unique, outstanding, eye catching and stylish. A special panel of professional, expert and skilled website designers is employed to ensure that not only an expert may make his website also a lay man can design own website easily. This collection of website design tutorial are complete, comprehensive and brand new for making websites that’s why you do not need to look anywhere to create your own website. Share it to your co-workers and supervisors to show your outstanding discovery

Ultimate Tutorials of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery

CSS3, jQuery, Tutorials

Hyper Text Markup Language – HTML had been brought to a entire fresh level by the introduction of HTML5. It adds great specifications to Web Designs & Pages and makes it even more thrilling when used by certain browsers. It involves some features like:

  1. A new doctype
  2. New structure
  3. New Inline Elements
  4. New Form Types

CSS3 is the latest edition of Style sheets and some of its new features consists of:

  1. Rounded Borders
  2. Multiple Backgrounds
  3. Huge variety of HSL, HSLA & RGBA colors
  4. Text Effects

jQuery is a free JavaScript Library that Web designers use in order to navigate HTML documentations.

These three techniques are linked as jQuery contains CSS & HTML manipulations and also HTML Event Methods.
HTML & CSS can’t work separately from each other as one provides structure to the Web Page and the other offers a style and design to the web design project. Web Designer’s need to utilize these two as one complete entity as HTML is the vital formation while CSS give it a little impressive and dynamic feel with its multi-colored backgrounds and patterns.

Alongside with these new advancements, it should also be made certain that the cross-browser check works flawlessly along with the techniques. The making of a website with these new, enhanced procedures should be viewable by famously used browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari; all significant basics of each page should be viewable in each mentioned browser. This would assist online visitors to run each browser just as competently. In this roundup we would like to differentiate famous web development techniques to make a bundle contained best html5 tutorials to enhance skills, decisive css3 tutorials to make excellent combination while using html5 modern techniques and superb recipe of jquery tutorials to complete a web developer need according to trends and requirements.

Tutorials that may enhance the knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery:

  1. Creating Slideshows regarding all three methods
  2. Designing search boxes with HTML5 & CSS3
  3. Provide training followed by practice tests for each three method.
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