Streaming Media Options for your site

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Streaming Media on the Rise Streaming media is becoming more and more popular.  In fact, new HTML5 code makes streaming video a whole lot easier.  Even the video giant Youtube has made their iframe embeds naturally html5 compliant, so long as the browser supports it.  This means that you will see mobile responsive resizing of [&hellip

SEO: Web Developer Cheat Sheet for 2014

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SEO is always a subject of debate. Regardless, search engine optimization is a must for all web developers. While there is a lot of controversy in the off-page optimization, website developers can follow some very important SEO code and best practices to make sure their products have proper in-page SEO. MOZ has developed and distributes [&hellip

Best CSS3 Sign-Up Form Source Files – Premium Resource


Coding with CSS3 has spectacularly tainted the landscape within front-end web development. Approximately each web site shaped today is built using CSS, which is why a systematic knowledge of this technology is compulsory for all web designers. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are a means to divide the arrangement from the structural markup of a Web site. There are additional opportunities to make exclusive interfaces among gradients, drop shadows and rounded corners. All of these special effects are gradually correctly adopted in every chief web browser. It lets you separate the style and layout of your HTML files from their pleased, allowing you to manage the layout, e.g. fonts, colors, leading, margins, typefaces, and several other aspects of approach, without even compromising its configuration. By using a CSS, you have the capability to keep the structure of your document bend and quick, while completely maintaining organized over the manifestation of the site. We already know that CSS3 has skill to create a group of new possibilities to design and implement enhanced web forms

A Useful Collection of CSS Dropdown Menus

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Navigation is the most significant portion of your website. This shows how users navigate to the main part of your site and makes is simple and convenient for them to find their good content. CSS is no doubt a perfect language that supports amazing navigation menus. This can be applied to any website and extremely flexible. You don’t have need to be afraid if your own CSS skills are not enough because here are multiple amazing tutorials out there that that supports users how to include clean and professional looking CSS menus to your website. Also users are free to copy and paste the code into their own design or can change the menu that fulfill your needs. Here you will experience the horde of CSS Dropdown menus that will facilitate you from all aspects are as follows:

jQuery Add to Home iOS Plugin! An impressive Style of iOS plugin

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iOS Introduction

Nowadays IOS is most advanced operating system; it has introduced very beautiful and simple user interface and a huge variety of features in iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. IPhone is built with multi touch interface and the simple, beautiful home screen is the easiest place to start. Everything users touch is easy, intuitive and fun.


One of the latest features that are added in iPhone is the ability to save bookmark icons right away on the home screen of the phone. The iPhone represents a major step in the development of various phone systems. IOS includes a very important feature to the iPhone system that permits users the ability to customize and tweak the phone base screen for user’s personal taste and requirements that Home screen Bookmark. Browsing the web on iPhone and iPad is brilliant, most of the users visit same websites and it is easy to set user’s favorite websites as Bookmark on their iPhone and iPad.

To bookmark any webpage or site users just need to tap on + symbol which is displayed on the bottom of the home screen

FlipLightBox an exclusive dragging Responsive jQuery Plugin

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Let’s Know About LIGHTBOX

Lightbox is a technique that is designed to display images and other web content on a web page. This technique has gained worldwide popularity due to its simple and easy implementation. Jquery is a handy tool that converts websites into eye catching and remarkable piece of work. Nowadays jquery lightbox plugins are very famous for representing images, photo, video and other web content in an interesting and attractive way. The Jquery plugins help users to give their websites stunning and visually effective look. They are very useful and helpful in order to save a lot of time, effort and as well as money for web developers and designers. Jquery plugins are capable of transforming user’s websites into entertaining and visually effective way. There are lots of jquery lightbox plugins available all over the web such as color box, Fancy box, Pretty photo, lite box, Flip lightbox and more

520 Grid System Another helpful framework – HTML5 and CSS3 Framework

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The development in web designing is growing day by day as new technologies are coming around. The web design has to be laced with number of functionalities and has appealing design. The coding has to be perfect and precise to ensure that there is no problem and the web pages are easily loaded in the web browser. Web frameworks have achieved a huge popularity in recent years; it has lessened the amount of time spent on a project so that users can get more projects at the same time of amount. The need of frameworks depends upon the requirements of the website, frameworks not only allows designers and developers to implement prototype faster, debug quicker but maximize the working capacity and efficiency of the developers and designers

15 Best Tools for Markdown and Error Free Development

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The markdown is a language based on text. This markup language is created by John Gruber in 2004 in a style to write in a simple and easy to read style that can be transformed into HTML. It deploys an extremely simple formatting syntax of alike characters and punctuations that makes web-content quicker and more intuitive experience. As Markdown is confronting huge fame, latest tools and apps have developed to cater the writing, transforming and reviewing the markup language. Dragging from WordPress plugins, tutorials and books to dedicated Markdown service gadgets for OS X, it also covers a wealth of amazing resources.

Web-development tools are used to find errors and test the website for sleek, smooth and easy navigation and functionality too. Every website is brought live to people after proper attestation. A website with error prone and breakdown can cause major issues that engages users and demolish reputations. Here are several tools that give complete benefit for web-development testing to load down such mishaps. These tools look up everything through CSS validation to website speed making sure that users as well as customers have an everlasting error free experience with the website

Why we should use Flexbox in Front-end Development – Complete Guide

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There are different jQuery layout tools and plugins that can be used in improving websites. These plugins not only does save time, money and effort but gives mobile users the interaction and ease of use they want. However there are tons of jQuery layout tools that immediately provide impact and innovative changes in their online pages. These tools can save user’s time and effort while making quality graphics, impressive web pages and amazing site presentations without the complexity of using too many codes.

The access of web technology through mobile and Smartphone is growing day by day; this makes the jobs of web designers and web developers more complicated. A few years back the things were much simpler, most of the visitors were visiting the websites, looking at large monitors and 960 pixels were considered as a good measurement of a web page. But with the exposure of electronic devices everything has changed, that means it is important for developers and designers understand how to deal with the entire mobile world. Responsive web design is an adequate solution for fighting with the growing device diversity. This is where front end development tools and plugins to play an important role. These tools are easy to implement and make web developers and designer jobs much easier. In today’s web development using these tools is must and not an option, nowadays websites should be extremely flexible to satisfy different browsers, tablets, Smartphone, and a whole bunch of other handheld devices as well

10 Best HTML5 and CSS3 Buttons Generators

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It is a reality that the world of internet is well furnished with a large numbers of useful things. At the moment, we can access to every corner of the world, make various types of business activities, lots of apps, social networking facilities on the immense world of internet but the question is how these useful and vital things are provided in such an easy and comfortable manner. Although there are several approaches of furnishing the web pages of internet but among all of those, the utilization of HTML5 and CSS3 is very essential from which the successful working of any web page is not possible at the present time of continuous addition of new innovations and discoveries at every moment passing.

Hyper Text Markup Language which is generally known as HTML is basically an up to date system which is utilized for the prime purpose of annotating the data in such an amazing manner that it should be syntactically distinguishable from the text material. The usage of the markup language of HTML includes the designing of the web pages along with other information that have the ability to be displayed in the web browsers. The latest version of Hyper Text Markup Language is HTML5 which is fully supported to all the commonly used web browsers at the present time.

CSS which means Cascading Style Sheets that is utilized frequently for the prime purpose of enabling the separation of the contents of document that may be written in any kind of markup language such as HTML from the document presentation. It includes other elements as well just like eye catching layout, beautiful colors and the art of typography. This division is compulsory for the basic target of getting the improved accessibility of contents, reduce the factor of complexity and the repetition in the structural contents

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