jQuery Add to Home iOS Plugin! An impressive Style of iOS plugin

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iOS Introduction

Nowadays IOS is most advanced operating system; it has introduced very beautiful and simple user interface and a huge variety of features in iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. IPhone is built with multi touch interface and the simple, beautiful home screen is the easiest place to start. Everything users touch is easy, intuitive and fun.


One of the latest features that are added in iPhone is the ability to save bookmark icons right away on the home screen of the phone. The iPhone represents a major step in the development of various phone systems. IOS includes a very important feature to the iPhone system that permits users the ability to customize and tweak the phone base screen for user’s personal taste and requirements that Home screen Bookmark. Browsing the web on iPhone and iPad is brilliant, most of the users visit same websites and it is easy to set user’s favorite websites as Bookmark on their iPhone and iPad.

To bookmark any webpage or site users just need to tap on + symbol which is displayed on the bottom of the home screen

FlipLightBox an exclusive dragging Responsive jQuery Plugin

jQuery, Web Development

Let’s Know About LIGHTBOX

Lightbox is a technique that is designed to display images and other web content on a web page. This technique has gained worldwide popularity due to its simple and easy implementation. Jquery is a handy tool that converts websites into eye catching and remarkable piece of work. Nowadays jquery lightbox plugins are very famous for representing images, photo, video and other web content in an interesting and attractive way. The Jquery plugins help users to give their websites stunning and visually effective look. They are very useful and helpful in order to save a lot of time, effort and as well as money for web developers and designers. Jquery plugins are capable of transforming user’s websites into entertaining and visually effective way. There are lots of jquery lightbox plugins available all over the web such as color box, Fancy box, Pretty photo, lite box, Flip lightbox and more

Amazing jQuery lightbox plugin for Ambitious Web Designers – iLightBox

jQuery, Web Development

The Lightbox is a window that shows above the rest of the content on a web page. Nowadays one of the hottest trends is the use of jquery Lightbox plugins. The light box plugins are very famous for showcasing images, photos, videos, maps and other web contents in an elegant and appealing way, these techniques are also used for pop up email Signup forms or logins forms

Incredible jQuery Responsive slider – wmuSlider

jQuery, Web Development

jQuery Incredible Sliders

Those times when neat image effects were achieved through flash are gone. JQuery has amazingly changed the way of developmental work. JQuery has brought the new standards for presenting visual media on the web. In modern web design image and content sliders are extremely common. With the recognition of smart phones and tablet devices responsive designs have become an essential part of modern web design. Every website owner tries to build his site unique, elegant and with special effects to look creative in front of web visitors. If the website is built up in Wordpress, open source software then the user has tons of choices to customize the websites or blogs. One of the most important and used customization effects is to add images and content slider bar on a user’s homepage. Using responsive sliders users can grab the attention of web visitors and display a showcase of worthy content

Add Gradient and Stretches into your web types – TextGrad Responsive jQuery Plugin

jQuery, Web Development

Typography Defines As

In recent years web typography has gone a point of pride. Responsive jQuery plugins are specially built to make web type more awesome. Jquery gives power to a developer with the tools required to create a rich experience for the users. Typography can be defined as bunch of techniques that helps to arrange types in order to make language visible. The arrangements of the type include selection of typefaces, point, size , length, color, line spaces adjusts the spaces between groups of words , tracks and adjusts the gap between a pair of letters. Nowadays Typography has been put into motion as well like film, television, and online broadcast

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