Use Hand-drawn Fonts and Show your Creativity


Hand drawn fonts belong to aesthetic sense and connected things as we need to present in our designs, we know huge number of fonts available as free download to use in your design assignments but in this below collection we furnish specific and ultimate collection as per my own designing experience because font always secondary element in any design so it should be appropriate as design theme and chemistry.

Some of these specially created for ecards and invitation cards and some handwritten fonts progressively are being used in Web design, we also have more examples of blog website designs where great influence of handwritten fonts special in retro and grunge inspired themes, so hopefully these fonts will give you more ideas where you should represent a design along with them

Get a Satisfactory Info about the Camera Flash

Inspiration, Photography

There are lots of hobbies around the world that people like to do in their spare time and feel enjoy the types of hobbies are depending on the area in which you are living. For example the people of America, England, Canada and other civilized countries have their own thoughts and according to their thoughts they have their hobbies. On the other hand the people of third world countries have their thoughts and feelings and according to their thoughts and feelings and they have their hobbies. If we talk about India and Pakistan Cricket is a well-known game and people like to play it in the grounds and streets as well and similarly kite flying is also a famous and budget game among India and Pakistan and also many other parts of the world it’s also a money saving game and specially poor people like to use these games in their daily routine life.

However it’s a general fact that all and sundry knows about similarly photography is also a great hobby and most of the people like to have it it’s also a field of creativity. The tool which is using for photography is Camera because if you have a good camera then you can capture a beautiful and artistic picture mostly we see pics of many people like on Facebook Google+ and on many other social media sits the pictures seem to be pixilated, that’s because of low camera. And the flash of your camera also plays a great role I personally have Nokia X2 and it has 5 MP Camera with LED Flash, the result of camera is outclass and some time its LED flash plays a good role and some time it wipe out the even a most beautiful picture. Here I am going to put the light on some features of Camera Flash below you can see detail about this

Now Use Updated Apps for “The New iPad”

iOS Apps, Resource

A long wait of “The New iPad” finish and all tablet pc addicted got their desired device with amazing features and specs it has not changed much in shape, size or color, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, we also have iOS 5.1 with maximum flexibilities and nowadays iOS developers working on New iPad App updates and further development.

In this fully loaded iPad3 apps roundup we have recently updated applications, that belongs to all famous and useful categories, we listing new ipad games, new ipad utility apps, new ipad productivity apps and many others as per user requirements. All fun and usability we arrange in one place as must have new ipad applications, hopefully you will enjoy

30 Red Website Designs

Showcases, Website Designs

Using the color red requires special consideration, mainly because it is such a bold color with various strong meanings. Red colors have cross-cultural implications ranging from love to passion to anger to blood. In some cases, red has unique meanings specific to a culture, such as in China it is considered taboo to put someone’s name in the color red.

The following collection of websites provides a quick look at 30 different designs built around the color red. Notice the varying amounts and shades of reds used. How do the websites with more or less red affect you as you view them

Retro Fonts – Provide A New Look to your Designs


Retro designs are demanding now after windows 8 consumer preview specially because there are a complete preview look like retro style and so many things redesigned even windows logo also have retro look but in this post we are on “Retro Fonts – Provide A New Look to your Designs” for your website and graphic designs, we have some many website designs where whole design based on retro style and these of all listed below retro fonts will amaze your design work ahead of clients.

The modern drift and practices of using the retro and vintage script fonts have develop very popular in this era almost every website design, brochure design, poster designs, blog websites, wordpress themes and print media based on retro styled presentation using retro fonts and color combinations, it gives you old fashioned look in this trend and all of these free retro fonts will help you to make more inspiring designs

40 Beautiful Blood Brushes A Dose for Designers

Brushes, Photoshop

Red color is sign of love and prominence as well presentation anywhere and mostly we use them in web or graphic designs on special occasions like valentine’s day, ecard designing, invitation card designs, Halloween designs, marriage cards as sign of happiness and so many other examples as we can share to you so that means we have something more inspiring for you regarding red colors, yes we have “40 Beautiful Blood Brushes A Dose for Designers” Photoshop Blood brushes as free to download and easy to put in your any design, we also can call them as red blood splatters because this is also an creative element which can use anywhere in our designs.

Blood brushes are much professional and essential part of web designs or print designs for get more intentions of viewers and effective way to represent your product or services using these free Photoshop brushes as blood impressions, we did extra effort to arrange within a post roundup and hopefully you’ll appreciate this

Most Excellent Collection of Nature Wallpapers


We spend a life which if full of business and we have no time to spend with nature, we can say that nature is a loving thing for everybody. Now you can also get a touch of nature because here I am going to present you a nice account of nature wallpapers. Most of the time we are looking here and there for the new stock images and photos but now you have no need to loom further. Sometimes nature manages to present us with beautiful and eye-catching viewpoints that we would never have explored otherwise. Below you can see those kind of nature wallpapers

Befall A Unique Designer Using Graffiti Fonts in your Designs


When I was in United States get awesome street arts as graffiti that has been around since the antique times but its attraction remains intact but now we have this creative stuff in our graphic and website designs as we have “Befall A Unique Designer Using Graffiti Fonts in your Designs” in this post. Graffiti fonts are glowing fashioned with unique handwriting style reformed into digital fonts, graffiti font alphabet describes urban lifestyle in typographic settings even listing below in this graffiti fonts roundup.

These of all crazy appearance fonts that will amaze your clients to keep interest in your designing, these are also available as free to download, hopefully you’ll try and kindly share your graffiti user experience also in comments area for others interest

Wild Imaginary Artworks Using Paints by YDK Morimoe

Artwork, Inspiration

Imagination is part of aesthetic sense and all belong to creativity and skills, in this post we would like to talk about an incredible digital artist YDK Morimoe amazing artworks, these of all really wild imaginary artworks where we can see awe-inspiring colorful paints work, each artwork presenting a complete creative story and amazing concept attract me that’s why decide to make an roundup on some chosen master pieces from their complete artistic book.

A Japanese artist YDK Morimoe gives amazing concept of issues and moral through artwork, I am still getting answers from all below digital artworks and hopefully you all will appreciate to this artist

Now Dreamweaver is at your Finger Instructions [Tutorials]

Adobe Dreamweaver, Tutorials

Every web designer and web developer find the way where they feel comfortable during website development and designing, some options in HTML editor tools are also helps to reduce work load and one of them Adobe Dreamweaver are essential software specially when we working on CMS (Content Management System), Open Source based websites and persona web page front-end development as far as web language involvements.

Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorials have some tricky ways to get knowledge about features and pre-build elements such as FTP client, Incorporation of SVN and programming environments with easy steps, no more hurdles now on the way of professional and cross-browser web development, just scroll down and get professional dreamweaver tutorials for your next development lessons

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