Elements of a Facebook Page for Your Design Business

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[ad#link-unit-post] One of the most popular things in today’s world is a social networking website called Facebook. Anyone and everyone is on Facebook these days and not having an account on Facebook is known to be a very strange thing. Facebook is not only a great website for interacting with your loved ones; it is [&hellip

PC Names – Amazing Domain Name Search Engine


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Natural Design Talent vs. Design Degree

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Whenever we talk about any field of creativity, a never-ending discussion pops up that either a natural talent is good for a creative carrier or a proper qualification should be there in order to excel in the field. Similar is the case with a carrier in graphic designing, which am important branch of creative profession.

This discussion has been going on for ages and till date no one has come to a solid conclusion. Some people think that in order to be a successful designer, one has to be talented otherwise; he won’t be able to achieve his goals, no matter how highly qualified he is. This group also says that a person can learn and improve with the passage of time. You will also find a lot of people who think that getting a degree in designing is a lot more important than being naturally talented. Some designers can just design a few things like glossy brochures, while others have a diversity of talent and can successfully create websites, print layouts and logos.

You will find a lot of graphic designers who have been through proper designing courses questioning themselves if the whole degree idea was worth it or not. The reason is that they might have seen a lot of senior successful designers without having a professional degree and such scenarios always brings a thought in people’s mind i.e. what is more important – being naturally talented or earning a design degree with a lot of efforts and expenses

Christmas Wallpapers – Let’s Make Beautiful Desktop

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In this coming special event “Happy Marry Christmas” we would like to engage you for these listed beautiful wallpapers for make more beautiful your desktop, It is the time of year when your loved ones come closer to celebrate the event and passing Christmas gifts and Good wishes to each other. We face our desktops everyday, especially bloggers, designers and developers. So, i think it is the time for me to share some beautiful, cool, Christmas-spirited wallpapers so that you can dress up your desktop.

we presenting a variety of wallpapers for your special event, which may more special when you fully involve in this even when you using your gadget devices and computer, most of these listed wallpapers have iphone, ipad and other mobile compatible images, so keep enjoy with these special gift from us

Ever So Awesome Illustration


Illustrations one of the most primitive mediums of communication and an ancient genre of art. Illustration has been in practice of the human race even before the words and languages were invented and Egyptian hieroglyphics is one such example. Illustration art offers artists a certain kind of freedom of expression. From comics to character-making, illustration has its strong impact in the individual as well as commercial designing.

Many years ago businesses used to feel unpleased at using illustration sin their marketing materials. However, today, the use and influence of illustrations is growing right along. Unlike simple graphic designers, who develop logos, brochures, post cards, business cards and similar communication, Illustration designers are frequently expected to create lively, character-driven illustrations with personality and often a touch of humor. Using color illustrations on printed flyers can help create buzz for a nightclub event, a grand opening, or a sale

Colorful Clientele – Client Types and How to Handle Them

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Either you are working as a freelancer or running a design agency, you will have to deal with a colorful variation of clientele. It highly depends on your luck and your dealing that which one (or more than one) of these types fall in your business’s lap. To run a successful design business, you need to understand all the different types of clients so that you can plan a strategy to deal with them accordingly.

The truth is that not all clients are bad but some clients are no less than a nightmare. As a graphic designing businessman, you will be talking; dealing and also meeting with so many people of different personalities and understanding them will help you save your time and efforts so that you can utilize them during your work. Some clients just want designs for brochures, while others want a full spectrum of branding from a website to product packaging. You need to customize your service level to meet the needs of each type of client

Effective Search Engine Optimization for Designers

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People who are involved in online business must have heard about the term Search Engine Optimization. It is actually a process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines naturally. Clients often try different approaches to optimize their website to increase visibility with search engines and to attract more visitors. They ask for a but understand very little about what is involved in search engine optimized website SEO.

Search Engine optimization is not a static process but involves much more than the design and coding of the site. One cannot do effective SEO without considering things like keyword research, content development, and link building because these are critical aspects of optimizing a website for search engines, and typically these are all ongoing processes.

Design has always been the integral part of SEO but there are still a lot of things that the designer can do to set the foundation for an optimized website. Laying the foundation of search engine friendly site then any future SEO efforts will have greater impact. In this piece of writing we will take an insight in the subject of web designers and SEO and the issues related to the said field

A Dazzling Portfolio and All about It

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The field of graphic designing is incomplete without a portfolio. As a graphic designer a portfolio is the most essential element of his professional life. A graphic design portfolio is basically a well-organized presentation of combination of artwork which encompasses all your best work in terms of graphics and designing. The portfolio of a graphic designer helps him/her present his talents in the best and most comprehensive way. So either you are a salaried designer seeking a job or a freelance graphic business owner looking for clients for your business, your portfolio can be your best and foremost call-to-action.

Your portfolio gives a deeper idea about the type of work and the quality you can produce. It is the best way to display your brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards and other communication material designs. So, composing a portfolio needs much thinking and insight. Elements like colors, layout, content and design etc. play significant role in determining the attractiveness of the portfolio. Putting together and showing this kind of portfolio of your graphic design work is quite a skill, and the best way to do it gets debated constantly by designers around the world. This post is a part of the world-over debate that will help you compose a good portfolio. Business cards, photo postcards, and glossy brochures should all be included in your portfolio. It allows clients to see your design skills are diverse

Icons Land – The Realm of Magnificent Icons

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Websites are based on the foundations of a virtual world. Whatever ‘seems’ good to the eyes of the viewer is termed successful. Like colors, layout and typography, icons play an important role in adding to the virtual attraction of your website. The more unique icons you use, the better it will be for your website’s [&hellip

Do You Have What It Take To Be A Successful Web Designer?

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Websites are an important medium of marketing communication being used by businesses all over the world. In the field of web and Internet, the task is divided among two professionals i.e. web developers and web designers. In this article we are going to discuss the traits of a successful web designer.

In today’s world, web designers are at the vanguard of the web marketing revolution. Unlike the general perception, the job of a web designer does not end at building a website that looks good, but it should also draw out useful information from the entity that the web pages are representing. In the virtual world of web, you have to fit in everything that you want to say in a single web page. So, along with designing an eye-catching website pattern, web designers have the challenging task of effectively balancing the huge amount of information, the interests of their client and their aesthetics all into one website

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