Google Analytics Desktop Client- Polaris + Google Analytics APi

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Polaris is an Adobe AIR Desktop client which lets you view your Google Analytics stats right on your Desktop. Google Analytics is one of the best gear available for webmasters. Earlier, you had to visit the analytics website in order to ensure out the website’s stats. But now the Google Analytics team has unconfined the [&hellip

5 Best Latest WordPress Themes

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Finding gorgeous, free and imaginative WordPress themes can be rather difficult. We’d like to nearby 5 beautiful latest and free for download WordPress themes designed by TemplateLite

Save Word Documents as MP3 (Daisy Translator Add-in)

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Daisy Consortium and Microsoft has launched a new add-in for Word which will help you to exchange word document to MP3 format. The “Save as DAISY” add-in for Microsoft Office Word now integrates a Lite version of the DAISY Conduit. With this add-in, you can select to generate the DAISY XML for additional processing, or [&hellip

15+ Useful PHP + jQuery Components for Every Project

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Web applications have completed enormous leaps and limits in humanizing user knowledge thanks to a lot of freshly developed Ajax technology. When you coalesce some orderly functionality politeness of PHP with the ingenuity of jQuery you can create some pretty neat effects. In an attempt to help you take it up a indentation, we’d like [&hellip

10 Social Bookmark Icon’s Pack

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After searching abundance of web sites for social icons we came transversely these free social icons which we like to share. There are heaps of sites enthusiastic on free social icons but we desire best of the best from there. We hope these compilations will help people out there who are struggling to find free [&hellip

35+ Creative Designed Button Showcase

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Button design is incredible that may be measured a small feature and doesn’t frequently get a lot of consideration, but well-designed buttons can make a big dissimilarity in the generally look of a site. We’re getting inspirational stuff from vandelaydesign, In this  post we’ll look at 35+ buttons that come in a diversity of shapes, [&hellip

10+ Non-Blog Websites by WordPress

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The time when WordPress was used severely as a blog podium is long gone. WordPress has evolved into a mature CMS that gives designers and developers the right tools to create astonishing non-blog websites for their clients. As proof for that stand these 10  websites by WordPress

20 Beautiful Free Joomla Templates

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Joomla is one of the most influential, vigorous and feature-rich content management systems out there. As well being open-source, Joomla is competent of some really eye-catching designs through the use of modules and built-in display customizations. Underneath, we present a list of 20 of the coolest, slickest, most eye-catching Joomla template designs

15+ Premium Free WordPress Themes

Blogging, Freebies, Wordpress provides amazing, premium WordPress themes for absolutely FREE! We have some great designers and expert WordPress coders who work together to bring you some outstanding themes for free. If you would like to purchase a theme for complete rights, please contact us. Themes are priced at $4,000 each. All rights reserved. Reselling is strictly [&hellip

20 Free Stock Images Websites

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Back again with websites that will assist designers and other people discover free stock photography, this will absolutely save your time and money. Photos enclosed in these sites are sorted in a handful of categories and subcategories which will make your life easier. Read the license on each site before using any of the photos, [&hellip

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