10 Sites: Everything from Restaurants to Businesses to Apartments

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Whether you’re moving to a new place or you just want to be more familiar with your surroundings, there are a variety of sites on the Web that fill you in on everything from restaurants to businesses to apartments in your area

Thousands of Twitter Followers in One Day

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Why do Britney Spears, NYT, Guardian get thousands of new Twitter followers everyday? Simple. If you are the privileged few to get a place in the Twitter Suggested Users list, you are featured on the accounts and sign up pages of thousands of Twitters daily, and then its not difficult to increase Twitter followers by thousands everyday .

Its being reported that several high-profile Twitter accounts are getting astronomical jumps in new Twitter followers, tens of thousands of new followers, in some cases. While most Twitter users find it difficult to draw even a few hundred followers, how were they getting thousands of new followers every day

5 Free WP Themes From The WOOTHEMES Club

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Welcome to our WordPress WOOTHEMES offering 5 free themes, at WooThemes you will find some of the most cutting edge WordPress templates, packed full of features, presented beautifully with clean layouts, slick color palettes and neat typography

10 Social Networking Apps

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Social Tools: From web applications that enable you to see hundreds of your friends at once, to a way to communicate simultaneously with all your contacts, there are dozens of ways you can scream into cyberspace: “Here I am.” These are 10 of the best Apps for Social Networking Websites.

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25 Best Websites 2008 by TIME

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We have make list of the 25 top websites of year 2008, now mostly website designers make better ideas according to latest trend as we have seen in web 2.0 techniques. We’ve listed the websites from top to bottom, this list is based on nominations by readers and TIME, and judged against a common set of criteria, including standards of web accessibility.

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Microsoft Will Compete Other Search Engines after Launch KUMO


Microsoft was planing about a powerful searching to compete existing giants and if you need to know about about case study of KUMO please click here. &nbsp

9 Ways: How to Build Your Blog Readership for Make Money


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